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Multiple Settings Looking for a long term RP

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Adventure, AU, Dystopian, Historical, Multiverse, Mystery, Realistic, Romance, Super Powers


I am looking for a literate writing partner.
I can play M or F, usually M.
I enjoy romance in the mix, bit there needs to be something more.
I enjoy mixed genres, alternate timelines, and most especially anachronisms.

Not interested in mundane, slice of life.
Not interested in cliche themes (zombies, benders, werewolves, vampires).
I don't care to bad guys. (Not that I haven't. Just not into it at the moment.)

Everyone always expects me to come up with all the ideas. It would be nice for someone else to develop a setting and plot for change.

Vertighost v.2

Jack of Some, Master of None
Hey, this is definitely a bit late, but would you like to try a post-apocalyptic roleplay with me? I already have an old starter waiting around and I'd love to collaborate with someone. I have a thread (my only one, really), that has a snippet of my starter. You can look at it of you want and tell me if it piques your interest! I hope you have a nice day!

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