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Multiple Settings Looking for a long term RP partner (Open!)

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New Member
Hi, I'm looking for a long term RP partner that I can create a story with, it can be just about anything and I am willing to do fandoms as long as it has its own original plot (Written in the same universe, different characters, different bad guy, etc.)
Hey there. I am Purple45 and I saw that you do dystopian rps as well, is that true?

Anyways, I would love to be your RP partner. I do original RP's and I am a literate roleplayer who tends to not do fandom rps anymore. I love dystopian and I tend to sometimes be fluid with my RP style.

Thanks for reading!

- Purple


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Oh boy this is from awhile ago but I thought maybe it’s still active! I’m interested :) I have A LOT of ideas.


Anime Lover
I am not sure how good I am on the fandom department but if we can come up with an original idea I'd like to try? I am not on uber late but I try to be so if you wanna catch me before I die off for the night on discord it's RuiNightmare#2915 :)

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