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Fandom Looking for a Long term partner (Overwatch)


Mercy Main
Hello, I am looking for a long term partner to roleplay and chat with. I am a working adult so I am looking for someone 18+.

I have been roleplaying for over 15 years off and on. I used to roleplay anime, J-rock, and Kpop but currently I am interested in the Overwatch Universe. Since I haven't been keeping up with the anime scene.

I don’t have many rules when it comes to gore and stuff.

I am a quick replier however I am looking for someone to do a paragraph style rp with. I have nerve damage so sometimes long replies are difficult but I will not short change you on the imagination.

I would like Cannon with a few OCC characters as the plot grows.

Pairs I don't mind playing.

Reaper X Solider 76
Reaper X Jesse McCree
Jesse McCree x Hanzo
Mercy X Genji
Genji x Jesse
Mercy x Reaper
Genji x Hanzo

Pretty much anyone that’s not mei or widow

I hope to get to know you. Feel free to message me here or on discord at Kami1605#1605

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