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Multiple Settings Looking for a long-term MxM

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Romance, Supernatural

Vital Lament

In love with the art of storytelling.
And my preferences range through a variety of things.
Right now, I am up for something modern day or fantasy/high fantasy. I may consider sci-fi but its is not as strong as the first two options and would ask that my companion writer be cool with magic and supernatural elements too!

Though I don't mind taking elements from existing books or shows, I am very passionate about original content and it can be anime-related or not~ I'm just looking for a fellow story builder willing to plot and write in a long-term, MxM, story!

::Must be 18+
::Must be comfortable with graphic things
::Willingness to bring their own creative ideas to the table
::Must respect consent (the typical no meta/power-gaming and godmodding also)
::Also, would need them to be in a U.S. timezone for time convenience
::Providing decent length in a reply. I don’t like requesting anything super specific but I don’t do para or one liners. I request three good paragraphs and above. Combat may change the dynamic a bit, or some social scenes, but the going theme would be 3+ paragraphs to novella.

::Candid communication
::Lives in Mountain Standard Time, think Colorado
::12 or so years of writing experience
:: Lot’s of drive to world build, create characters, write story/arcs
::Meaty posts, averaging a page or so in word doc
:: Comfort with just about anything
::Versatility and respect for consent; consciousness of triggers
::Possible ships and arts >_>
::And a few, developing ideas for a story
::Also, am 26, for those of you that might question.
If you've gotten this far, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to discuss something with you and will keep my ideas rattling in my hand until the discussion!

Also, if you are interested, message me directly. No need to ask in comments.

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