Fantasy looking for a long term female partner

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    Ok so first off your grammar and spelling doesn't matter to me as long as i know what you are trying to say.

    Second, i don't have a problem with one-liners, just give me something to work with at least

    Third, im a go with the flow type of person , i follow the plot to the end then it's creativity from there

    Forth this is a romance rp so yeah, pairings

    Five , if you don't want to continue the rp , please notify me , i don't get offended

    Lastly i only do MxF not this FxF or MxM, i don't have a problem with it i just don't rp it

    ok so lets go through the pairings, feel free to suggest some if you want

    on the left is who i rp

    $$$ -means it's closed
    $$ - don't ask to rp this yet
    $ - Will remove soon

    *more will be added*

    Custom race x custom race ($$)
    Naga x innocent human
    Escaped Lab Hybrid x Frightful Human

    Escaped Lab Hybrid x Farm girl ($$$)
    Escaped Lab Hybrid x Abused Human ($$$)
    Lab hybrid x human scientists ($$$)
    Temple Creature x human sacrifice ($$$)
    Anubis x Egyptian slave ($$$)
    Death x suicidal human ($$$)
    Nightmare x human ($$$)
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  2. I'd be interested in doing almost any of these. Which one do you want to do the most?
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  3. as of right now no real cravings so you are free to chose
  4. how bout alien x human?
  5. wanted to add that but im still thinking about it
  6. let me know if you're interested XD
  7. I'm the most interested in these (the stared ones I like the most)

    Anubis x Egyptian slave
    *Death x suicidal human
    Lab hybrid x human scientists
    *Nightmare x human
    Feral werewolf x human

    but I'll do any of these
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  8. I might be interested. PM me please.
  9. im only one person :D

    i can only do one :)
  10. Know I only want to do one too.
    I just like them all and I cant seem to choose. LOL I'm about to just flip a coin. XD
  11. *Flips Coin*
    Alright Nightmare X Human it is! LOL
  12. The deathX suicidal human seems really interesting!
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  13. i'd really like to do anubis x egyptian slave
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  14. din da di di dan ding
  15. Ting ding ding dang
  16. Zing a ding
  17. If you want submissive female, i am interested
  18. My OC (Hanah) is submissive and would do what what ordered (lately she has been lesbian, but that is easy to edit in RP)
  19. Can be lab hybrid or i can wait if you plan to make another slave - Master RP

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