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Multiple Settings Looking for a literate partner! [Originals only]

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Hi! My name is Sanya. Here are some things about me and how I have my fun.

- I’m a literate player. I usually write more than four paragraphs and expect the same or close enough quantity from my partner. Quality, however, is more important, so I’ll gladly accept shorter answers as long as they’re a pleasure to read. I definitely won’t do one-liners.

- I play all kinds of characters, including males, females, Gmails, anything that moves, etc. I can do MxF, MxM, FxF, any kind of romance, if needed, though I myself prefer platonic relationships, friendship or love-hate. And I don’t do smut cause it’s no fun.

- I can and will do character sheets if you want me to. I also might do face claims, but keep in mind that appearance is less important than actual personality. You can’t just throw a picture at me and say that it’s your character. It’s lazy.

- I’m a passionate player. I’ll try to answer as fast as I can, chat OOC, send memes and thoughts on the plot of the RP. I expect you to show your interest too: don’t hesitate to ask questions, suggest ideas, invent unexpected plot-twists, you name it. I want to know that you care about our little creation.

- No matter what we play, you go first. Consider it a whim, but I prefer to know who I’m dealing with rather than just blindly put all of my efforts in a game that might not work at all.

- Sick sense of humor is much appreciated.

- Don’t be afraid to harm your characters from time to time. It’s no fun when they’re immune to all threats they encounter.

- Please, don’t use colored text in your posts. I’m using night mode and it makes your design unreadable 90% of the time.

- Do use capital letters. They exist for a reason.

- Also, please don’t respond to the thread. PM me, I don’t bite. Discord is an option too.

I have some plots in mind. I’ll use “My Character” (MC) and “Your Character” (YC) for those where I want a specific role. Otherwise, I’ll just write “Muse A” and “Muse B”.

1. [Futuristic] Justice for all (TOP PRIORITY PLOT)
The Earth is in danger. It’s not an alien invasion or a meteorite that’s ready to crash on our heads. It’s the darkness that corrodes us from the inside: crime, cruelty, desperate and hopeless rebellions against the corporations that keep swallowing the resources of our cities and throwing us up in the outskirts and stinking dumps. “We’re doomed!” they say. “We lost!” they write on the walls of broken shelters. But did we, really?
YC is a freedom fighter. They believe there’s hope for the whole humanity to win against the oppression and become a civilized green land once again.
MC is an alien, a nature-loving powerful creature that crash-landed in a dump, not knowing anything about the Earth, its inhabitants and problems. YC finds it and tries to help, as well as convince the creature that the planet needs its help.
There will be a lot of action, drama, friendship and hurtful contrast between YC that’s a stranger and an outlaw among his kind and MC that’s from space but seems to be in harmony with the world. There will also be some cute moments where MC first meets Earth’s technology/culture/habits and some comedic reliefs, cause MC usually acts hella weird (or that’s what humans think about it). They’ll win eventually, but the game won’t stop here, because space is a big place to explore.

There once was an orcish village where hard-working green people were forging its glorious armor and weapons, strange-looking long-eared traders selling the quaintest of foods and clothing, joyful children playing knights and rogues in the sun… MC, a mixed half-elf from the neighbor hamlet, and YC, his younger fellow orc, were there, and, despite their racial differences, they were the best of friends. MC had no friends, YC had a bunch of older teasers and little sprogs, but at the end of the day they both were feeling lonely, so developing a strong bond was just a matter of time.
But MC was always a dreamer, and one day the sea called for him. He left the village and his younger friend behind.
Four years passed and he returned for YC, now sure that he’s mature enough and ready to join him on his adventures. Turns out he was one day left. Powerful invaders with forbidden magical powers burned the village and took in captivity most of its folk, including YC.
Here’s where we start. YC needs to survive the invasion and hold long enough against their enemies, while MC needs to find and free him. They’ll get to the sea eventually, starting a long journey full of dangers and weird places.
What I like about this plot the most is the dynamic we can build on characters’ cultural differences, age, long time leaving apart not knowing how they both grew up and changed, etc.

3. [Modern] A haunted town
Legends say, there’s a ghost of a cruel man living at the tallest hill of the town. He rings his chains to scare people away and slaughters them if they come too close. They say he’s trapped between the Earth and the Underworld, waiting to be awakened and fully brought to our dimension in the form of a mighty spirit, ready to come back to his heartless crimes as he did before his death. He only waits for flowers, as a sign of remembering, because nobody ever brought him any and nobody ever will. They say he was a monster. “Don’t go to the Ghost’s Hill’, they say.
YC is a child who feels sorry for the poor man, because, even though he might have been a bad person, it’s cruel to just let him stay trapped at that gloomed flowerless hill. YC isn’t even afraid of mysterious disappearances adults are talking so much about. So it’s time to save some money, buy a bouquet and come see him!
MC is the ghost. Is it good? Is it bad? Go figure.

4. [Modern, preferably FxF] Being good (NOT INTERESTED ANYMORE)
It’s not love. YC call it an “unhealthy affection”, MC prefers “fervor”. They’re powerful ancient beings whose kinds are at war since the beginning of all times… and they fall for each other’s little tricks like children – for a candy. MC abandoned Hell, YC ran from Heaven, now they’re stuck on Earth and can’t help but drive each other mad.
YC rules the day, forcing MC to do as many good deeds as possible, laughing at how it hurts the demon’s horns and fangs when people scream “Thank God!” at the mysterious creature that stopped an earthquake or saved a child from burning alive.
MC controls the night, taking his angel to cheap clubs that reek of hand-made toxic cigarettes. They drink, smoke, hook up young promising students, seduce married men and women and are jealous for each other while the Evil Might breaks YC’s snow-white wings.
Who’s going to give up first?

5. [Modern, preferably MxF] Pulling the strings
MC is a student that plays in an orchestra to make a living. He likes it, but not too much, often regretting that he learned violin instead of guitar.
YC is his violin. It’s alive, can take human form and talk, is very devoted to MC and always tries to help him make a great career he doesn’t even want to have. He’s probably the only person on Earth that doesn’t need YC for money or fame as long as it lives with him, keeps him company and occasionally cooks something.
One day the violin gets stolen.

6. [Modern] Fancy orange uniform
Muse A and Muse B are prisoners in a special prison for mutants and people with superpowers. They team up to escape.

7. [Fantasy] Perfect duo (CRAVING)
Muse A is the strongest mage that ever lived who suffers from the new laws against magic. Muse B is the most powerful swordsman of his time who can’t deal with magical threats anymore. They decide to stick together for a while and exchange some experience.

8. [Modern] Secret society
Muse A accidentally witnesses a lizard-like humanoid creature being sold at an underground auction and decides to save him.
Muse B is the creature.

9. [Futuristic] Sacrilegious stranger
Muse A comes from a technologically advanced society. Their ship crash-landed on a deserted planet inhabited by wild tribe-like folk ready to sacrifice Muse A to its Gods.
Muse B is one of the tribe. Feels sorry for Muse A, likes their cool shiny stuff, decides to help them out.

10. [Modern] Royal ruby
Muse A and Muse B decide to rob a bank. Someone’s already robbing it, and he’s the kind of person nobody wants as an enemy.

11. [Fantasy] Protected
Muse A is a child, powerful enough to destroy the universe but can’t control their powers. Needless to say Muse A is haunted by everyone who has the will and the ambitions.
Muse B is a mercenary who has grown attached to the poor kid.

12. [Fantasy] Chopping wood
Muse A and Muse B are brothers that were living in a small village, cutting trees and making a living out of it. Their home was struck with a lightning in the roof and burned down. They had to abandon the village and head to the big city to work as mercenaries (cause what else can they do?). They’re new to the business.

So here are my plots. If you like any of them, feel free to send me a PM. You can suggest your own ideas if you want. But here are some things I will never do even if threatened.

- Fandoms. I’m not here to violate someone else’s work, I want to create and violate my own. The one and only exception is maybe DC, but you have to really convince me I need it.

- Schools/Universities. Nah. Had enough of it irl.

- Unicorns, dragons, werewolfs and vampires.

- Furries. Reptilian humanoids and insectoids are cool to play as aliens, but anything else is creeping me out.

- Straight up PWP. Boring.

- Incest. Not the right thing to do. Won't even use Bold for it. Brrr.

- Pure angst with no relief. I mean, really, people, do you ever suffer so constantly in real life? (I hope you don’t, Jeez)

So that’s it. Hope I haven’t yet bored you to death. Have a nice day!
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