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Fantasy Looking for a high fantasy academy rp! (Open)

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So I'm interested in doing some sort of fantasy roleplay with kids who go to an academy. I'm thinking they could train for different roles such as mages and warriors but could all train for one goal. Maybe to like protect their kingdom from threats and go on missions and stuff. We can work on the worldbuilding of all that together.

I'm thinking the plot could start as a war between non magical and magical people has ended and there's now peace. I'm thinking most humans wouldn't be able to do magic, maybe only a handful of humans could and such humans were hunted down for their power. I'm thinking non-magical humans could have ways of extracting the magic from magical humans. Say by drinking their blood or something and they can gain magic for a period of time that way. Something really inhumane like that and its why they were hunted down. During the war, magical humans would've joined forces with nonhuman creatures to form the opposing side. The war would cause a lot of blood shed for both sides and a peace faction would've been formed to stop the fighting. Negotiations started and they finally worked out a deal.

Now, because of the treaty, both magical humans and non human creatures get to attend this academy when it was originally just non magical humans. They've expanded the courses to include magic tracks in their curriculum and the magics were finally allowed to live life peacefully in and outside of the kingdom.

Though, maybe there could be an anti peace and anti magic society that's trying to take control of everything and start up the war again. Our students could end up getting involved in it some how and try to take it down.

I like the idea that we have a group of kids who all suffered on either sides of the war who are just trying to continue and get some normalcy in their lives when they've lost stuff. They might be able to find comfort in one another who may have similar experiences.

We can discuss more about it in dms.

-Please be a minor as that's I'm more comfortable with people my age. Might roleplay with someone 18+ as long as you're close to 18
-One paragraph minimum
-One response a day minimum
- Be able to plot out the world as well as play multiple characters
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