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Fandom Looking for a Gundam roleplay!


The Harbinger of Chaos.
Hello! I'm Chibistaryuuu! Call me Staryuu plz I am a longtime Gundam fan and I haven't seen much group role plays dedicated to Gundam itself spool I decided to try and start one.

What Gundam Series I will be willingly to Roleplay:

Witch From mercury

Gundam 00

Iron Blooded Orphans

Build Fighters

What I might try to roleplay in:

Gundam SD world Alliance

Gudam Seed

Gundam AGE

Annnnnd Gundam Wing.

What I will be willingly to do!

Oc x Oc

Canon x Oc

Canon x Oc

Who will I Be willingly to be roleplaying as

Witch from mercury
Suletta Mercury
Ericht Samaya
Guel Jeturk

Iron Blooded Orphans
Lafter Franklin
Iok Kujan
Axtra Mixtas

Gudam 00
Anyone tbh, I have zero preferences in here.

Build Fighters
Sei Ori

SD world Alliance

Gundam Seed
Also anyone.

Gudam Age

Kio Asuno
Flit Asuno
Zeheart Galette
Romary stone

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