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Fandom Looking for a Final Fantasy XV RP!

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Playing the game myself and am currently on Chapter 5/6, but I know just about every spoiler you can throw at me!

Hello! So I've recently gotten interested in Final Fantasy XV and though I don't have a thorough understanding of the game, I have a pretty solid foundational understanding. That being said, here are my rules and preferences!

I would ask that you are okay with doing original things within the rp and not just the game's plot.

I would love it if you're okay with doubling, and OCxCanon(I'd prefer to ship my character with Gladio and so you aren't thrown off my OC is a male.) OC x Canon is preferred but not required! The character's I don't mind playing are Ignis, Prompto and my OC, and I would prefer if you played Noctis and Gladiolus (and maybe Ardyn if we use him at some point!)

I also don't do 18+ and NSFW.

My response length varies and I will generally try to match what you give me, but I do ask for... say, an average of around four sentences at least. We have moments where we can only type out two or three sentences, it's fine!

Shoot me a message if you're still interested and I can let you know about my character there!!
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