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Fantasy Looking for a few long term partners! (Open)


The Charmer
Hello everybody! I'm Shibbie or Shib, whichever you prefer ^^. I'm almost 23, and a full time college student with a full time job. So I'm pretty busy, however I do still make plenty of time to RP and I have room for one or two more plots. I'm just getting back after a bit of a break, my past few semesters have been pretty overloaded but I'm going on Co-op next semester so I'll have a ton more free time. ^^

What I expect:

I usually write a minimum of two to three paragraphs, and have written up to 15 decently sized paragraphs per reply. I don't expect anybody to write to that extent, especially not with every post. However I do like to have something to reply to, at the very least.

I really (really) like having someone to move the plot forward with me. I like having someone to write a story with, and world build with to keep interest. I'm fine if you're having writers block or something of the sort since it happens to all of us, but I would really like in general for it to be a two person story!

I like to try to reply once a day, however I don't always get that and try to reply at least every other day. If it'll be longer, I will usually try to let my partners know, and I'd usually expect the same.

I do prefer MxF pairings, where I play as the male since I am one (makes it a little bit easier :)) That being said, I do not mind doubling up, if you would like to do that. In that case I don't mind playing as female as an off role.

I do prefer romance in my RP's, however I do not like it when it's the center of the plot or forced. If the characters just don't feel like they'd fit the bill together then I'm not against not having it.

I'm pretty lazy (okay very lazy) when it comes to out of character typing, but I really like having the best grammar / spelling as possible during rp. Mistakes happen, everybody does it, especially me so I don't expect perfection. But I prefer no laziness inside RP :)

I prefer 18+, just because I like keeping rp partners closer to my age.

Some plots:

The Legacy:
In a alternate modern world where magic was once a prevalent military force, technology advances with firearms has rendered militarized magic useless. The exception is those known as "Aoe", the highest ranking a mage can receive. With only about twenty who have reached the status of Aoe in the modern day, the power they posses can turn the tide of battle with massive power. The current day is two years after a great war had finally ended when an Aoe prodigy persuaded many battles for a smaller continent in their favor.

Muse A is just turning 18 years old, and yet has received some of the highest praise and accommodations for his feats in battle as the youngest Aoe ever. After the war, he had retired into a house that the military had gifted to him and remained away from any form of communication as much as possible.

One of the responsibilities of an Aoe is to receive and apprentice, and after the country had finally repaired itself from the war, Muse B is sent to Muse A to start his/her training. Muse B is from a prestigious family, however Muse B has always struggled using their power. Muse B's personality is much more formal and prestigious, where as Muse A is the opposite, a much more laid back, carefree and lazy personality. Will Muse B be able to stand Muse A's personality for long enough to learn, or will Muse A break under the required work being forced on to them?

The Revolt:

Muse A, a sheltered princess/prince/royal family member has been tired of the rules placed to keep them at the kingdoms/countries center. They grow restless waiting for an arranged marriage that awaits them in the coming months, and they aren't too excited about it either. Muse A will be forced to live much further away from where they grew up, in a different kingdom, without ever having really experienced or explored anywhere remotely outside of the castle's walls. So one night they sneak out in order to experience the country side at least one time before they have to leave. After some traveling, Muse A reaches a small village where they rest for the remainder of the night at a local inn, unaware of what would be happening later that night.

Deep into the night, the village falls into chaos as houses are being burned and the streets fill with angry peasants. Upon asking the inn keeper, the princess discovers the townsfolk are revolting against the king for some dark actions that Muse A hadn't been aware of, extremely high taxes, theft of property; and much, much worse. Muse B, one of the leaders of the revolt, walks into the inn as Muse A and the inn keeper are talking. Unaware that Muse A is royalty at all, they are asked if they want to join in the plan to take back the castle and put a new king that would be for the people in charge. Will Muse A join these people who have no idea who they really are, or will they return home and attempt to stop the revolt taking place, dragging Muse B back as ransom. Find out next time, on dragon ba-.

Notes of the Melody

In this plot music is a foreign art, with very few people actually knowing how to play it. Most people would be lucky to hear a musician play once in their life, and on top of that it was said that music had some sort of healing powers, though nobody knows what. The setting is post war era, in what time we can discuss, but a main faction has taken over the county and left it in a dictatorship, each village left with their own "leader" and each kingdom/city left with the dictators presented king. Muse A is very unhappy, along with many others about the situation post war along with many others. The leader elected for his village is tyrannical and is causing chaos and murder to run rampant. He's decided to attempt a rebellion, although nobody has the courage to back him up. So he fights by himself and when trying to take on one of the leaders vicious guards he's knocked out left bloodied in an alley. When he/she awakes, their presented with Muse B, a musician playing some sort of stringed instrument. They talk and eventually agree on some sort of pact and decide to fight the leader themself to take back the village.

A Wanderer and a thief
Muse A is a wandering knight/magician who had been relieved of their post with the royal kingdom after refusal to follow through with a pretty gruesome order. While most of the time, a refusal would be cause for execution, previous merits let Muse A escape with their life. The only exception was banishment from the kingdom, left into the wild with only what they could carry leaving all behind. A few months had passed since, and Muse A had been living their life day to day doing menial tasks for the townsfolk of a small village in the country, keeping their past as knight/magician a secret from all. Eventually though, they grew tired of a lack of purpose and steered towards mead and wine to pass their days and dull their boredom.

Late one night, Muse A is leaving the pub after a night of drinking when he's bumped by Muse B, who quickly apologizes. Muse B was a pick pocket, and had snagged the coin purse off muse A in the encounter. But when Muse A confronts Muse B, a few kingdom guards turn up late at night. It turns out, Muse B had a few secrets of their own and was a wanted person by the kingdom. (Maybe a magician/witch/knight from another kingdom? Haven't gotten that far ^^'). In an attempt to take back their coin, Muse A ends up running after Muse B as they escape the town, and the guards. Will Muse A find purpose once again, or continue wasting their life at the pub.

Actually those are probably the only plots I got on my list to try out, some I still am working on myself. Then there is the usual Princessxservant, forced marriage, ectectect. Cliche isn't a bad thing in my opinion as long as we can put a twist on it that doesn't over cliche the cliche. Swing at me with your plots and ideas, or if you'd like to try one of the variations I got, excellent! I do enjoy talking with partners OoC and am always up to talk!. Anyways, if you'd like to to work with a sarcastic @#$hat, feel free to comment or message me, and we'll go from there!

As of right now I'm only looking for one or two solid partners that'll be detailed with, so until I put (Closed), i'll be looking!
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Hey, I'm super interested in The Legacy, and Wonderer and Theif if either is still available!

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