Fantasy looking for a female partner (Discord account required)

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    first of all if you do not have a discord account i suggest you stop looking now, i will not answer a pm on RPN and if you have a discord acount don't give me your suggestions if they aren't pairings.

    Disclaimer !!!

    THEECLIPSE has a similar looking search , fear not we are not copyrighting each others works , we are friends in real life and we share our ideas with each other if you do not believe me ask her your self

    about me

    boy, 17 years old, the rest is need to know only

    what i expect in a rp
    not really picky on this, your grammar doesn't matter, your post length doesn't matter and as sure as hell don't bother me about my post length, please try to post once a day, no mxm or fxf ,i only rp on discord,i play the male roles

    discord : SailofSouls #6015 (should there be a problem just notify me)
    only one person per rp
    Not up for rp yet
    what i prefer
    Newly added (@)

    my rp pairings (romance) (more will be added later)
    Demon x Angel
    Fallen angel x Demon

    Fallen angel x Angel
    Nightmare x dreamer
    Werewolf x Vampire
    Bandit x village captive
    assassin x princess
    bounty hunter x target
    Gang boss x University student
    Sith Lord x Jedi Padawan

    Vampire x Human
    Pharaoh x servant
    Sith Apprentice x Jedi Padawan

    Egyptian god x Pharaoh
    Mythical creature x Human
    Egyptian God x Slave
    don't PM me or message here, i will not answer
  2. It won't let me pm you on discord
  3. Kmdumo#8821
  4. Me, it's a girl with a scarf
  5. yep, Bella#5266
  6. hey there!
    i'm interested if you're still searching.

    I would love to do the assassin x princess or vampire x human, but I'm really open to any of these, if you're craving something in particular.
    here's my discord: sylph#5034
  7. @SailofSouls
    I'm interested in "Bandit x village captive"
  8. Just sent a request. Not sure if you're online, though.
  9. Just sent a request, same username as here.
  10. I'd love to rp with you on Discord. I'm interested in a few of the suggested pairings. My name on Discord is hopeless_fangirl.
  11. I'm still new to discord but here's my user: The Queen#1148
  12. Weird. It usually works when people search for it.
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    Interested in
    Discord : mirai#6175
  14. I'd love to rp! Probably Bandit x village captive if that's alright. My discord is Clarkguild #2229
  15. This is unfortunate. These sound interesting, yet I'm unsure what 'discord' is.
  16. I sent you a request! @SailofSouls

    Bandit x captive villager is cool with me
  17. I'd be down for a Star Wars rp :)

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