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Fandom Looking for a Deltarune RP Partner (MxF)

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Action, Adventure, Magical


Are you okay? BUSTER WOLF!

As the title implies, I am currently looking for a Deltarune RP Partner since that (And Dragon Ball) are my current cravings right now. If anyone would like to do so, please don't hesitate to PM me.

I would also need to know if you will be online or offline. I can RP here or on YouTube.

1. If you've made here before PMing me, I shall give you a cookie. Just put "The World Revolving" in your post.
2. I can double with anyone.
3. My pairings are Male x Female
4. It doesn't matter if it is Canon or OC.

I am also looking for someone to play as Susie for me. I love the mean girl and I would be very grateful if someone were to pair my OC with her. As well, I can pair any of the other characters that are in Chapter 1 of Deltarune with your OC, if needed.
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