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Fantasy Looking For a D&D-Based 1x1 [18+]


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Hi all!

I know I disappeared from the site for a while, but I'm back and looking for a D&D-based 1x1 RP so I can try and flesh out my new druid character a bit more. You can find his about information here, and see a picture of him here. (Art commissioned by me from 'Acrid' on Toyhouse, based off my design.)

I don't have a set plot in mind, but I'd like to come up with some of his adventures that he has partaken in before meeting the current adventuring party that he's with. So if you have any ideas, please, feel free to shoot them my way!

Some more about me, and what I'm looking for can be found below.

  • Goes by Inquieta, Inq, or Nic.
  • 26 years old.
  • They/Them pronouns.
  • East of England (GMT timezone).
  • Unemployed, and not studying - meaning lots of free time to chat and RP!
  • Will try and reply at least once a day, but at minimum once a week.
  • Semi-literate to advanced.
  • Usually writes between 200 and over 1,000 words per reply, depending on partner's length of responses.
  • Writes in third person, past/present tense (I have a bad habit of switching between the two).
  • Will write male, female and non-binary characters
  • Usually, characters will be 18 years or older.
  • Will write MxF, MxM, FxF, or NBxAnything pairings.
  • Prefers OC characters (will very rarely write a canon character, even for fandom RPs).
  • Will write on RPN, Discord (Inquieta#6133), or Google Docs.
  • Loves OOC chatter!
  • Adores their dog (10 y/o border collie x GSD) and will talk about her for hours.
  • Also loves tattoos, and has eight of their own.
  • Plays bass guitar in spare time.
  • Commissions lots of art work of their characters and hoards it all, but would love to show them off.

  • 18 years or older (no upper age limit).
  • LGBT+ friendly.
  • Enthusiastic about writing.
  • Develops ideas and plots with me about potential events in the RP(s).
  • Preferably enjoys chatting OOC alongside roleplaying.
  • Lets me know if you have any triggers before we start the RP.
  • Will hopefully let me know if you are no longer enjoying the RP and want to drop it (no hard feelings).

  • Follow the site's rules and guidelines. They're there for a reason, and I'm not looking to get kicked off the site.
  • Please refrain from going into explicit detail about suicide and self-harm. Having them in backstories/brushing over them is fine, but I don't feel comfortable with going into great detail about such topics.
  • Plots that are purely based around pregnancies make me somewhat uncomfortable. I don't mind if it happens at some point with already developed characters and after it's been discussed between us OOC, but starting off with a pregnancy and basing the entirety of the plot around it just doesn't interest me.
  • Don't lie to me about your age, this will make me extremely uncomfortable.


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A D&D-like setting sounds fun! And I want to hear all about your dog. I also have a dog. :)


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Im down for a D&D based Rp! I got a few characters at my disposal!
I also got a 16 year old pupparino myself! We could trade pictures of our dogs? :0

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