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Fandom Looking for a BNHA rp!

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I'm not ignoring u, just depressed, ill b back
Hello there! My name is nimbus and I'm looking for a My Hero Academia (BNHA) roleplay! I'm mainly looking to play an oc, but I'm also looking for someone where I can play bakugou as well! I can also main kirishima, but he's not my main focus.

•I write between 2-3 paragraphs per response and I'm generally pretty active. Response time may vary on my sleep schedule (which is summer time fucked), but generally I respond at least once a day. I'll let you know if I have sudden plans and cant respond for a few days!
•Im ditch friendly. Without a heads up, I'll most likely leave an rp after a week of no response.
•I've been roleplaying for a little over eight years
•I love soulmate Au's! Especially angst driven ones that turn out to be fluffy!
•I'm 17
•I live in the CST time zone

•Someone to either play bakugou for my oc, or have an oc to me to play bakugou. Either works!
•have decent spelling/grammer. We all make mistake, but please try to keep it professional in character! Out of character is fine to flub up, but it's important to me the I can comfortably read your writing!
•be able to write at least one decent sized paragraph to keep the rp moving! I'm not looking for novella length, but I can't stand wasted potential in an rp due to one liners and weak responses.
•be able to communicate with me! I like to think I'm easy going and open ooc, and I'm more than happy to take breaks to just chat. I love being able to connect with my writing partners!
•be able to help contribute to a plot and setting! Just throw any idea at me and we can discuss it!

My PMS are open! Toss me a greeting and a little info about yourself, and any ideas you have! While I'm mainly looking to play my oc/bakugou or your oc/bakugou, I may be coerced into doing something else if we can make something interesting!

Edit: I'm always willing to just roleplay ocs!
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