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Multiple Settings Looking for a 1x1 Roleplay Partner~!

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Hello, I'm a bit new to this site but not to roleplaying. I will do any pair, FxM, FxF, MxM, just tell me before we get started (in FxM pairings I prefer to be the female, it's just what I'm most comfortable with). I like to respond with at least a good paragraph or two but I'll be happy as long as there's more than just one line.

Now for the pairings and plots~! (I will be putting in bold the character I wish to play most)

Yandere x Victim <3
Otherworldly Creature
x Victim (The victim discovers a portal to another world that at first seems fun - until it's not. Think a Coraline-esque adventure wherein your character has gone to a world with a few creatures that wish to devour it in order to stay alive. They may learn to love your character. But is it real love? Or more how a miser loves gold?)
Imaginary Friend x Child (A has always had this imaginary friend that they talk to when things get hard, it's all harmless fun at first until it seems their friend is not so imaginary - nor so friendly.)

Devil x Human
Devil x Angel (I am a big fan of Good Omens so if you wanted something closer to that instead of standard devil x angel I'd be happy to accommodate)
Angel x Human
Any Monster x Human
Monster x Monster (Also optional for this or the one above is a boarding school for monsters of various kinds to come together and learn how to both blend into the human world and use their natural powers to gain an advantage over humans. There would be a hierarchy of creatures which we can discuss further if you'd like)

Noble x Servant
Noble x Assassin
x Bodyguard
Ranger x Wizard
Wizard x Fighter
Fighter x Ranger (for classes like these I would create an entire DnD-esque setting for our characters, this is just a general dynamic)
Fey x Human

An ordinary human from our world is transported into one of the above fantasy/supernatural settings by a mysterious force and must now somehow survive a world completely unlike the one they knew before.

Slice of Life
Emo x Popular
Nerd x Jock
Childhood Friends
Childhood Rivals
Cool x Shy

College Roommates
Two college students initially signed up for complete studio apartments but are forced to share a dorm due to a lack of space, these polar opposites have got to find a way to get along if they want to survive the year with their insanity intact before they are guaranteed a separate room the next year.


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I saw the Devil x Angel and about cried
I’m so in love with Good Omens and omf


Fairy Queen
Hey! I'd be willing to do any of these with you ^.^

Devil x Human
Devil x Angel (I've sadly never heard of Good Omens so I don't know what you mean by that here)
Angel x Human
Any Monster x Human
Noble x Servant
Noble x Assassin
Fey x Human
Childhood Friends
Childhood Rivals
Cool x Shy
College Roommates

And just so you know chances are it's gonna be FxF since I play a lot of female characters too XD


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Hey, I have never done a yandere rp before, sounds interesting! How about FxF to mix it up?


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Oh! What if we mix the Monster x Human pair with the monster boarding school idea? Like maybe a human pretends to be a monster and attends this school
So appearently you catched my interest. But do you wish to see my plots?

My pairings may not be connected with your pairings.. But do you wish? I've got some ideas that you may like. Also we can brainstorm.
I'd love to do an isekai, depending on the type, that is. What sort of universe are we talking?
So I generally like the idea of doing a fantasy world, however I'm flexible with genre and you can tell me how you'd like the world to be if you want. My only hard rule is I don't like to play fandom characters.


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Hello, I'd be interested in a MxM, "Otherworldly Creature x Victim" rp! If you'd like to give it a go, shoot me a pm c:

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