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Multiple Settings looking for 1x1s!! (originals and fandoms)

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New Member
hello, i'm jia!

though i've been rping for 7 years now, this is my first time on rpnation. it's also my first time on a general rp board for a bit, so please forgive me if i'm a bit rusty! right now i'm looking for a few good 1x1 rps to get back into the swing of things. can't wait to write with you!!


expectations & requirements
  • i'll rp with people of any age but only those 16+ for any plots involving romance. no worries, platonic rps have all my love.
  • my posts can span 200 - 1000+ words depending on the post and our joint preference! i match my partner's length and i'd like the same!
  • i do use proper punctuation in posts haha, and i write in 3rd person past tense (though i'm willing to write in present if you prefer)! i'd like for us to do the same thing!
  • i can't promise more than one post a week (though i may post multiple times within a week, it'll fluctuate) and i won't expect any more from you! real-life takes precedence! i'm also ghosting-friendly, i get it!
  • no current triggers, just let me know if there's anything i should be aware of or avoid for you!

a note on characters
  • i have zero preference for gender, and i'll write any and all pairings! i lean towards lgbtq+ ones, but it's not at all a hard rule.
  • i don't like ocs x ccs, sorry! i like to keep them pretty separate for the most part, even with platonic rps!
  • generally i prefer writing only one character at a time but i'm more than happy to double or even triple if that's what works best for our rp! i'm also down to write side-characters or one-offs for plot purposes, those are always fun.
  • i like to build rps with my partner. this means i love ooc talking and planning (both before and during the rp), but it also means i'd prefer for us to both come at it fresh! i like creating new ocs for each rp, and i like building worlds in a collaborative process, not necessarily reading through pages of developed lore you've already created. doesn't mean your established ocs and worlds aren't brilliant, just means i really enjoy shaping the story together!
    • easily recycled or not-yet-developed character and plot ideas are great– i'd love to hear yours and have plenty of my own as well– it's just the super-duper fixed elements that aren't really my thing!
  • i like to use pretty bare-bones character sheets and develop my characters through general rambling and the rp itself! of course you're free to use whatever methods work best for you as well, this is just a note for those who like to have very long sheets on both ends!

these are the things i'm currently pretty interested in writing! i'd love to mix and match a lot of these as well! this is especially true for romances since solely modern settings don't tend to interest me as much.
  • fantasy
    • high fantasy(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)​
    • dragons​
    • monsters & magic​
    • small-town or big-city supernatural things (vampires, werewolves, witches, shifters, etc.)​
    • superheroes​
    • pirates​
    • etc.​
  • post-apocalyptic/dystopian
    • zombies​
    • natural disaster​
    • pockets of society​
    • sci-fi-esque worlds​
  • romance
    • slowburns >>>>​
    • middle-aged characters finding love >>>>​
    • opposites attract + rivals/enemies to friends to lovers in literally any and every combination! bonus points for childhood ties​
    • any version of important person x their guard?​
    • if there are any specific dynamics you've been wanting to write feel free to throw them out as well!​

canonverse works but i'm mostly looking for crossovers into different genres or the fandoms listed below​
  • just haikyuu atm!
    • mainly sakuatsu, iwaoi and kuroken​
    • honestly i'd be down for almost anything so if you have a ship you really wanna write toss it here​

no canons
i would love to fiddle with world-exploration (+ expanding a marginal part of the canon into something larger), different locations and time periods, aus, a crossover with any of the genre prompts, etc.
  • pokemon​
  • harry potter​
  • genshin impact​


Unlucky Member
okay, Im also VERY rusty but wanting to jump back in. But, I can't for the life of me figure out how to send people messages. So, hi. Im (panicking as I try to figure out a shorter way to say my username....) Punsephone. Feel free to nickname how you will. Or, ignore this message entirely. I'm feeling the middle school nerves return HALP


Remind me to replace this with something witty
Hi, would be interested in writing something for Genshin. Most of what I see on here for Genshin RPs are canon romances, so something different with OCs sounds nice.

Sleepless Archer

New Member
Greetings! I’m interested in doing a Pokémon RP with you, since that’s a fandom I find great interest in as well. While I mostly prefer Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, I’m fine with doing the regular Pokémon and Trainer thing too, if that is what you prefer.

I usually RP outside of RPN, since it’s impossible for me to get accurate notifications here. Just a heads up.

Let me know if you’re willing! It’s completely okay if not, I understand wholeheartedly.

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