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Multiple Settings Looking for 1x1 RP partners {Always Open}

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Timezones are a mess
Howdy, I am looking for people to RP with. First, some things to note;

* I am most comfortable using OCs because I hate the thought that the characters sound OOC.
* I suck at romance. I mean, I will do romance but I would prefer if it wasn't the main point of the RP. And I only do fxf romance.
* I prefer playing female characters. You are free to RP any gender you want of course.
*Please, please no one-liners. I beg of you. (Unless it's a fast-paced scene.)
* I love world-building. Build a world together with me~
*My main focus in an RP is character interaction and development.
*I can make very detailed character sheets, or none at all. Here is the template I use: Untitled document. Feel free to use it as well if you want.

Now that that's out of the way, on to some fandoms;

*Death note
*Tokyo Ghoul
*Ace Attorney
*The librarians

If none of the fandoms sound appealing, here are some fandomless things. Feel free to suggest stuff here~
*Anything with comedy, I need a break from dark and gritty things.
* Asylum (only if you have a specific plot in mind)
* School/slice of life
*Something based on this article would be fun. We could make it an enemies-to-lovers thing.
*Assassins. So many options~
*Omegaverse (more focus on social dynamics. Let's keep this SFW, yeah?)
More to be added as I come up with stuff. If anything here sounds interesting please send a PM or post here.​
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