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Multiple Settings Looking for (1x1) Looking for a little buddy for roleplaying :D

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Hello there!
I'm looking for a roleplay that involves fantasy and anything related to fantasy basically... I may be a bit chobby with my roleplaying but I'm at least fine to your expectations! Please read!

My name is Nesy.(Don't like sharing my real name so it's my nickname!) refer me by: Nesy thanks! I'm 14 years old and I live in Sweden ! I prefer to do any kind of roleplaying at the moment! I'm in the super mood for it!.. I like roleplay lengths at any kinds.. I'm a literate roleplayer and also semi-literate.

I do: OCxCannon/OCxOC and I'm very up for (MXF) however (MXM) is also allowed as friends or human adventure kinda thing... I usually play male because I don't prefer playing female.. However I play with any gender...No problemo for me! Any pairing is alrightly! I love roleplaying as an alien! But if you prefer me being human I'm alright with that!

I'm very interested in what you have got to offer! So let's jump right in!
I'm into mythology of any kind and godess/devil/demon/angel/elf and everything above.

Human x Godess
Alien x Godess
Alien x Devil
Human x Anything
Alien x Cannon
Alien x Alien
Human x Human
Alien Prince x AlienPrincess
Prince x Princess
Alien x Princess
Alien x Human
Alien x (Fantasy being)
Human x Demon
Alien x Demon
Alien x Superhero
Alien x Anything
(Me) X (Anything you got on your mind)

Lets brainstorm what OC pairings we can do!

Sci-fi medival
Sc-fantasy medival
Sci-fi modern
Sci-fantasy modern.

And I'm genre flexible! Hit me up with anything!

Where your heart desires! Let's brainstorm!


We can either brainstorm a few!
I'm plot flexible as well! I'm just looking for a partner who can make ideas with or has already one!

My plots:

Alien encounter:

An alien being has arrived to (your planet) and he has came here for a visit.. His intentions are not hostile? But can you really trust this alien? Nobody knows.. I mean it goes along these lines.. But it can be visited.. I don't like playing as an enemy and I just like making allies.. However that can be nagotiable.

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