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Fantasy Looking for 1x1 Fantasy rps [open indefinitely!]

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a shrimp fried this rice?
I've been in the mood for some roleplays involving some of my favorite ocs, all of which happen to fit super well in fantasy situations! I don't have any plots directly on hand, but I have some loose ideas and would love to come up with some plots with any potential partners! I'll leave some short descriptions of my characters below in case there happen to be a few that catch anyone's eye!

I have some tieflings, a demon & a vampire who are looking for a little interaction 🥺

Just a few ground rules:

-Please be 18+! I'm 20 & not comfortable with minors!
-Semi-lit to lit! I can do novella as well depending on the situation!
-PMs preferred, but I can do discord as well!
-Romance has me weak lately, so I don't mind getting mushy! I love horror and adventure too!
-Mature content is something I'm alright with, but please talk this through with me first.

Amon Hyden
Amon - 20 - He/Him - Homosexual - tiefling
Amon Hyden is as boisterous as he is eccentric. This bardic bastard enjoys long walks through the city at night, sweets of all kinds and being wholly unpredictable in the most predictable way possible once you've become acquainted. Plays a whoooole lot of instruments & has some parental issues. He's also very bad at making friends because he loves to poke fun at them.
Maevus Flynn
Maevus - 38 - He/Him - Bisexual - tiefling
Feisty as ever, this pirate is more likely to kick your ass than kiss it. He takes no shit and loves to gamble. More often than not you can find Mae hiding his name with a tiefling virtue name and either conning some unfortunate sucker or simply committing petty crime. Enjoys puns to the fullest extent.
Malloy Barton
Malloy - 70 - He/Him - Bisexual - demon
Malloy is a docile man whose interests lie in the field of necromancy. Raised in a cult, his early years were spent under the guidance of the Demon Prince, Gorebrand, but he has since laid his mace down in favor of the tome. He is currently trying to find the secret to godhood. When he is not planning to become a big scary demon god, he enjoys the finer things in life: a nice cup of tea and some classical music.
Joshua Lugosi
Joshua - 210 - He/Him - Bisexual - Half-Vampire
Raised in the solitude of the woods, Joshua never knew just how awful vampires were. In a wild turn of events, he was forever scarred by some townsfolk and decided to break the chains his Grandmother Lugosi had put on him. Now, with a new pep in his step, Joshua is looking to find his way in the world and show them that not all monstrous races are bad. He loves animals and bug collecting. Also quite fond of monstrous beasts like Basilisks and dragons.
Lova Kez
Lova - 38 - she/her - Homosexual - Zombie
Daughter of a high ranking wizard, Lova's life was fairly boring at first. That was until she died and was brought back to life by the followers of Gorebrand. There she was used to do their dirty work, becoming an assassin without much guidance in the world. It was shortly thereafter that she decided she wasn't very fond of those she was working under. Taking up the role of vigilante, Lova ran off and shifted her focus to assassinating the cultists that worked alongside her father.

I am more than happy to send you more in-depth lore about the characters mentioned! I just kept it short as to not clutter up this post <3!
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beige raven
I like how their ages went from 28 to 210, made me laugh. In any case, Malloy and Joshua sound pretty damn cool! If you're still looking for partners, I'd love to hear more about them 🌙

mourning star

| 𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕨𝕚𝕤𝕖 𝕜𝕟𝕠𝕨𝕟 𝕒𝕤 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣 |
Hey! I really enjoyed reading about your characters—they all sound so fun and intriguing. If you don't mind, I'd love to PM you and figure out a storyline together! ^^


a shrimp fried this rice?
aedin aedin I either make my characters fairly young or just ungodly old comparatively. I guess that's what I get for making most of my OCs undead or demons (´∀`) Anywho, I'd love to talk more about Malloy and Joshua if you're alright with a little info-dumping in pms!

mourning star mourning star I would love that! Glad to hear you liked reading about my characters ^^


True Neutral
Reading through your characters, I honestly can't decide which of those loveable jerks I adore most asxdfghjj
I'd love to brainstorm some ideas and characters with you over PM, if you're up for it! I've got quite a few characters that could fit: vampires, werewolves (all my own brand), witches, shifters, demons, and some that can't really be defined c:<


a shrimp fried this rice?
Rattlebones Rattlebones
I would love to brainstorm! I'm a sucker for a good werewolf story, but I'm really down for just about anything! I just want to get some writing in for my little fantasy chidlren!


True Neutral
Same, I haven't rp'ed most of them in so long D': I'm getting fantasy withdrawals hhhh
Alright! I'll summarise a few of my punkass pricks in a PM, stat!


a shrimp fried this rice?
Alright last bump for a bit! I think I finally got everything sorted out with character snippets this time


Local Mushroom
Hello, my name is Pride, and I have been casually watching this thread for a few days now because I am really interested in your character Amon in all of his chaotic glory. I recently have gotten into the high fantasy genre so while my knowledge of general lore and tieflings may be limited, I want to learn more about it and expand upon my writing. I am not a novella style writer, or at least I wouldn't call myself one, but I can write six or more paragraphs with a lot of detail. While my more conversation heavy posts tend to be on the shorter side to focus on the interaction between the characters. Though, they aren't that much different from my usual posts. I don't really have any premade characters to pair with Amon, but I would love to possibly do some world and plot building to create a story together. It doesn't have to romantic, though romance has me weak as well, I have been wanting to work on my platonic writing skills for a while now. I can also play a wide cast of characters as well, so yeah I will finish my rambling now.


a shrimp fried this rice?
Pride. Pride.
I would adore doing some world building and for Amon! I've been dying to write every last bit of his chaotic energy out in an roleplay since his last revamp! Would you like to discuss more via PMs?


Local Mushroom
maliwannabe maliwannabe Awesome, I am already excited to see the chaotic energy that Amon will bring. I would really love to build a world that will encourage that energy. Would you prefer I message you or would you rather start the message.

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