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Fantasy Looking for 1x1 Fantasy rps [open indefinitely!]

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bard of annoyance
I've been in the mood for some roleplays involving some of my favorite ocs, all of which happen to fit super well in fantasy situations! I don't have any plots directly on hand, but I have some loose ideas and would love to come up with some plots with any potential partners! I'll leave some short descriptions of my characters below in case there happen to be a few that catch anyone's eye!

I have some tieflings, a demon & a vampire who are looking for a little interaction 🥺

Just a few ground rules:

-Please be 18+! I'm 20 & not comfortable with minors!
-Semi-lit to lit! I can do novella as well depending on the situation!
-PMs preferred, but I can do discord as well!
-Romance has me weak lately, so I don't mind getting mushy! I love horror and adventure too!
-Mature content is something I'm alright with, but please talk this through with me first.

Amon Hyden
Amon - 28 - He/Him - Homosexual - tiefling
Amon Hyden is as boisterous as he is eccentric. This bardic bastard enjoys long walks through the city at night, sweets of all kinds and being wholly unpredictable in the most predictable way possible once you've become acquainted. Plays a whoooole lot of intstruments
Maevus Flynn
Maevus - 38 - He/Him - Bisexual - tiefling
Feisty as ever, this pirate is more likely to kick your ass than kiss it. He takes no shit and loves to gamble. More often than not you can find Mae hiding his name with a tiefling virtue name and either conning some unfortunate sucker or simply committing petty crime. Enjoys puns to the fullest extent.
Malloy Barton
Malloy - 70 - He/Him - Bisexual - demon
Malloy is a docile man whose interests lie in the field of necromancy. Raised in a cult, his early years were spent under the guidance of the Demon Prince, Orcus, but he has since laid his mace down in favor of the tome. He is currently trying to find the secret of lichdom in order to gain enough power to protect those he deems worthy. When he is not planning to become a big scary lich, he enjoys the finer things in life: a nice cup of tea and some classical music.
Joshua Lugosi
Joshua - 210 - He/Him - Bisexual - Half-Vampire
Raised in the solitude of the woods, Joshua never knew just how awful vampires were. In a wild turn of events, he was forever scarred by some townsfolk and decided to break the chains his Grandmother Lugosi had put on him. Now, with a new pep in his step, Joshua is looking to find his way in the world and show them that not all monstrous races are bad. He loves animals and bug collecting. Also quite fond of monstrous beasts like Basilisks and dragons.

I am more than happy to send you more in-depth lore about the characters mentioned! I just kept it short as to not clutter up this post <3!
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I've no wit or humor :(
Joshua likes monstrous beasts, eh? I am piqued and curious about where this could lead him. :lenny:


bard of annoyance
Noi Noi
His love of beasts and hunting could lead him in some wild directions, that's for sure! Dragons, basalisks, etc. everything is on the table when it comes to him.


Is this thing on? Hello?
Are you free? I am always down for a fantasy character and setting.
I also hope if you don't mind more plot than romance too. I am ok with a little background romance, that's ok, but I am not searching for a fluff.
I am available in PM or Discord, I would probably be more active on discord, but I am still open for PM's.


bard of annoyance
I am definitely free, and I am definitely fine with more plot than romance! I actually prefer it that way. I prefer to chat through pms first just to get an rp laid out and then move to discord, if that's alright!

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