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Fandom Looking For 1x1 Fandom Roleplay

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Just Want’s to meet Other Kamisama Kiss Fans
I don’t often this site that much so I thought I’d post this little Roleplay search here.

I’m a literate Roleplayer who writes in 3rd person only and writes from 2-4+ paragraphs per response. (4 years experience) I’d prefer is my partner was 16-19 due to my own age.

I do original roleplays, but I’m currently just looking for a fandom Roleplay. (Fandoms listed below)

I mostly Roleplay on and prefer Instagram and Discord. But I’m completely open to Google Docs. I okay with doing doubles, but I don’t do them often. My preferred pairing are MxF and FxF, since I’m mostly comfortable playing feminine aligning characters. I do play genderbends often! Please be LGBTQIA+ Friendly! I’m completely okay with OCxCC, OCxOC, and CCxCC. Ploy is okay as well!

Fandom List:

Kamisama Kiss
Black Butler
Death Note
Ouran High School Host Club
Bungo Stray Dogs
Inuyasha (Still pretty new)
Studio Ghibli
Demon Slayer
Mystic Messenger
Doki Doki Literature Club
Diabolik Lovers
Fruits Basket
JJBA (Still Pretty New)
HxH (Still Pretty New)
More(feel free to ask!)
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Is that a police!? I'M CALLING THE WEED!!!
Oh wow. I haven’t really seen anything from the CP fandom in a while. I’d definitely be pretty rusty!
I don't mind! I actually have an oc for " Go To Sleep" white hoodie boi; otherwise known as Jeff the Killer. I don't care if your rusty, what matters is having fun. Also there's google if needed. Please note I haven't decided between Moonstone and The Viner for her pasta name. Her trope is she will reference a vine before/as she kills you and she'll draw a heart on her leggings in your blood when she does.
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