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Fandom looking for 1x1 Borderlands RP!


Updating this again as I just finished playing Tales from the Borderlands and I re-sparked my interest...again. I'm horrible, I know. I'm looking for some partners to roleplay within the borderlands universe with me! I'm fine with Canon characters and OCs! I'd prefer to plot a bit before we start as I'm not really set on one solid plot at the moment, and I like to make sure we're both going to enjoy the roleplay!

If shipping is going to be involved, please keep the following in mind:
-Slow burn / Relationships building
-LGBT+ pairings are welcome and preferred!
-Romance is not a requirement, platonic relationships are fine too
-I prefer OCxOC or Canon x Canon; OC x Canon can be discussed, but I prefer the alternative a bit more!

Muses ( I can play other characters as well, but these are my favorites)
Handsome Jack, Mordecai, Claptrap, Ellie, Moxxi, Cpt. Flint, Angel, Janey Springs, Wilhelm, Lilith, Zane, fl4k, August, Rhys, Vaughn, Typhon DeLeon, Troy Calypso

Ships (If you're interested! Always down to play around with something new!)

Handsome Jack / Wilhelm
Timothy / Wilhelm
Vaughn / Rhys
Hammerlock / Wainwright
Troy / Any bl3 Vault Hunter, really

Quick OC Descriptions (click for a drop down tab!)

Name: Zephyr

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Physical: On the heavier side, Zephyr hides his girth beneath a generous layer of Pandoran Nomad garb. Favoring cleanliness, he keeps himself well-kempt; often tying his mousey brown hair in a bun. He is near-sighted and self-conscious of a scar that runs from his left eye to the bottom of his jaw. He will often try to cover it with the collar of his Nomad uniform.

Extra Info: Zephyr is an ex-Hyperion bestiary specialist who spent his early 30s hiding from Handsome Jack on some nightmarish little rock named Pandora. He now spends his time with a wiry ex-bandit named Ruben in the lush bogs of Eden 6. During his time on Pandora, he picked up a mild case of the skull shivers.

Name: Ruben

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Physical: Ruben has the build of a raider; he is short and lean with a high capacity for stealth. Curly charcoal locks fall just above his chocolate eyes, though he often hides them behind a Psycho mask. Unlike his psychotic cousins, Ruben opts not to tend his skag herd shirtless and instead opts for a plain black undershirt which he most definitely looted off a body somewhere.

Extra Info: He tends to a heard of skags which is five-strong. The alpha of his group is a lively lab skag named Jeff. Their bond is unbreakable and has been that way since Ruben found him wandering the dusty plains of Pandora's Highlands. Ruben speaks....well, like a psycho. He's loud, overbearing and just the tiniest bit crazy. Zephyr has tried to reteach him proper social queues but they haven't helped him very much.

Name: Juniper

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Physical: Juniper is fairly average for her age, standing around 5'6". Spending her days under the dim lights of the Promethian underground has given her a pallor that stands in stark contrast to her dark chocolate hair. She is soft-spoken, but takes no shit. This vault hunter means business.

Extra Info: Juniper is accompanied on her adventures by a hand-painted pink cl4p-tp bot which she refers to as Julian. Julian is an outgoing, childish robot who often gets herself into trouble.

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NerdyBirdy NerdyBirdy
I apologize for the late reply; RPN doesn't like to notify me sometimes. Anywho, if you're still interested, I have a few plots on hand! They're all fairly loose as I like to be open-ended with my plots so that we can discuss and come to a happy medium we can both agree on!


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I am interested in this quite a bit, I'm starting to replay the games and get back into the universe. This seems like it could be a bunch of fun and I'm interested int eh plots you've already thought up if you'd care to share :D
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Hey, I'd love to rp borderlands with you! It's been a while since my last rp and I love the series so this would be really cool. If you'd like, you could pm me and we could plot?

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