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Fantasy Looking 4 a roleplay partner?

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Hi!! I've been interested in making one of these for a while, and I finally decided to!! I only roleplay an OC I have that I'll be putting an image of below!! I'm still kind of bad at navigating this site so I may need help with some things!!

७ About Me
。 I am 17 years old!!! Just so you are aware and don't feel uncomfortable :]
。 I am semi-lit to literate !!
。 I am not comfortable with sexual roleplay!!
。 I would love to get to know the person I'm rping with :] I'm good with talking OOC but we don't have to

७ Requirements
。 I would prefer Semi-lit+ but if you have to do a oneliner sometimes that's ok!! At least have decent grammar
。 15+ years old, please!!
。 Please be kind of active!! If you do have to go for a bit though, that's fine just warn me beforehand :]
。 I forget to reply a lot sometimes, so if you have that issue tell me and I can remind you!!

७ Ideas
I'm not sure why, but I am really bad at coming up with ideas alone so I'd prefer to make one together (or you can come to me with one)!! I hope that's understandable !!

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Information can be given by asking!!

I hope I did this right


professional breather
Heya! I'd be totally down to work something out. I can't see your character unfortunately, but I'd still love to join you!

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