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Lowkey Gemini

*aggressively doesn't know*
SOME QUICK FACTS ABOUT ME: Hi! I'm Gemini. I'm a 20 year old college student, and I've been roleplaying since I was eleven! I am a slow as fuck poster. Sometimes it takes me a month(+) to reply. You will always know if I'm no longer interested, however. I only play male characters. I prefer mxm, or mxnb but may be convinced to play mxf. I don't double. I don't have a preference for PM or thread, but will not rp over Discord. I also have an account over on Iwaku if you're interested. Not the sort of person that enjoys slice of life/realistic/fluff. Need an exciting plot! Romantic or platonic pairings.
NO.1 I am slow. I know I am slow. Sometimes I'll reply within a couple of days, then it'll take me almost a month. Please do not get upset over this, it has nothing to do with you.
NO.2 I don't expect a certain posting frequency and am ghosting friendly. You can always come back to our rps, even if it's, like, a year later.
NO.3 I prefer multi-paragraphs, but other than that expect no particular posting length. Quality over quantity. I don't match length and don't expect it either. My writing samples.
NO.4 I love to get detailed with OCs! I love fawning over them, making playlists, Pinterest boards, etc. Tbh, if I get bored of the characters and/or their ship, I lose interest in the rp fast.
NO.5 Prefer OOC over Discord, I have a better record of replying over that.
NO.6 Like I said, I don't double, I don't (generally) play females and I prefer mxm. I also don't abide by any top/bottom or gender stereotypes, and cannot stomach them.
NO.7 I have been very blunt about all this, but I promise I am a friendly person! I don't bite! Let's have fun together. <3

CRAVINGS zombie apocalypse, post-apocalptic settings, reincarnation/soulmates, robots, vampires, witches/shamans, scifi/futuristic settings, uncommon supernatural creatures, (non-romantic) father figure relationships, platonic relationships, atla au


(yellow is my preferred role, 'x' denotes romantic, '&' denotes platonic/familial only)

PAIRINGS witch/vampire x his familiar, android x human, vampire & their sire, arranged prince x prince/ss, arranged king x prince/ess, person x (famous person) clone


(char 1 & char 2 are used when i have no preference.)

MY SEASON WAS ALWAYS YOU MC and YC used to date, for quite a few years, but broke up (one of the major reasons being MC’s alcoholism). It's been a while since they last saw each other, but something brings them back together. Perhaps an apocalypse? Or supernatural creatures?

HISTORIANS Char 1 and Char 2 don't remember how it started, all they know is that they are connected by a force they cannot explain. When they die, they are reborn into a new life, looking the same and with the same first name. They are driven to find each other, and fated to die once more, before being reborn again. They have lived through so many centuries together, and have grown to resent each other.

PLAY DIRTY Set way far in the future, when technology has advanced and men have walked on far more planets than the moon, MC is an android. While it wasn't originally his purpose, he's since become an assassin. YC could be anyone - another android, or a human; his target, his handler, a random bystander.

GOLDEN RIVER RUN Set in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, Char 1 and Char 2 team up (willingly or not) in order to survive. Char 2 is taking care of a child (that might not even be theirs). They both have secrets they’re trying to keep from each other.

A WARMER ROAD MC is a very old vampire (and shaman) who, in the past hundred years or so, has given up on humanity. Until he met YC. This could go several different ways: perhaps YC was a child when they first met, and MC took them in, raised them as his own (a purely father figure/child situation), OR YC is older and a romantic relationship buds between them. Perhaps YC is on the run from other vampires, or other supernatural creatures, or becomes the target of MC’s enemies; they could be a human (and remain one), a vampire, a shaman, or witch.

AND LIFE GOES ON After getting into a car accident with his wife and daughter, MC's wife slipped into a coma and has yet to come out. It's been years now, and perhaps, YC is someone MC has lost touch with, but has recently reconnected with (a friend of his, or his wife, a lover)? Or perhaps YC is someone he has never met, claiming to know his wife, and a conspiracy unveils, putting them all in danger?

More to come! Let me know if you have any plots as well, I'd love to hear them!

© pasta
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Hey! I'm interested in A Warmer Road, particularly the romantic version. I've some barebones OCs that could fit well with some fiddling, if you're interested? I'd either develop them on my own a little more to fit with the plot, or I'd love to bounce off of you for ideas.

I'm 25 myself, Northern European, and not really fuzzed about posting frequency (i rarely poke someone if they don't answer, unless explicitly told i should lol).

  • Unnamed: A charlatan who tricks people out of their money with tarot- & palm-readings (etc) he doesn't believe in; he has innate magic, but he's heavy in denial of anything magical/supernatural
  • Solkong Sea: A big lad with some walls up, but heart of gold; either a bruiser for hire or an innkeeper, depending on the 'verse (/era); trans man; well-developed, kind of an experiment to fit into several 'verses (so, I've his personality & looks down, and some backstory)
  • Elliot Montefiore: Originally for a Victorian 'verse, where he was a valet, can easily change this; small but feisty lad (tends to get in fistfights despite not. being a fighter lol); very bisexual, very confident; Jewish sephardic in the Victorian era (Montefiore is a Sephardic surname, Sephardim have been on the British Isles since William the Conqueror! I did research for this, i gotta share my knowledge haha)
  • Lodin: A Norwegian witch (male; he was made for a story where everyone magical are called witches, can easily change this!). Very much of the country/mountains; a BFG; secretly lonely.

besides those, I love coming up with concept characters so i could easily come up with a new one or mix-n-match some current ones!

obvi if not a good fit, no hard feelings :bishiesparklesr:

mourning star

❝ distant stars hold my wishes ❞
If you're still looking for partners, I'd love to figure something out for your plot 'Golden River Run'! ^^

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