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Fandom Look for Avatar: The Last Airbender Roleplay


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Hello! I've been rewatching ATLA, and it's gotten me craving some roleplays. I'm particularly looking for Canon x OC roleplays, but I would also be up for OC x OC too. I'm willing to do mxf, mxm or fxf when it comes to pairings. I am always up for doubling.
When it comes to Canon x OC, I'm pretty flexible about love interests. I am looking for someone to play Zuko or Sokka, though I have a plot in mind that I would love do that mostly involves characters from the past. I love to try out playing new characters, so I'd be up for playing nearly any character.

This takes place during Azulon's reign. I've always wanted to explore more of that time period and Iroh's past. My OC is the daughter of a high-ranking noble in the Fire Nation. Her father is rather ambitious and is always looking to further his family's standing. So, she couldn't be surprised when he and Azulon arranged for her and Crown Prince Iroh to marry. At her father's urging, she agreed despite her misgivings. She soon learns that Iroh is easier to get along with than she had expected, and they grow to care for one another. Though, with Ozai's power hungry nature and the ongoing war, things aren't always happy at the palace.
Note: I am fine with our sides taking place in different times if you would prefer your side to take place during the show or after!

If interested, feel free to pm me or comment here!

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