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One Time Luck
Hello and welcome to my search thread, I have not roleplayed on here in quite a while, but have been looking to come back. Although I would much prefer to message on Discord as I am much more active there. I currently have a full-time job so my ability to reply will not be consistent, if that doesn't bother you then please keep on reading.

Some things you need to know before considering becoming my Roleplay partner;

~I am open to Group roleplays, but not likely to get into them if they move too fast.
~I would like a partner who is comfortable with playing as multiple main characters. (2 at the least. I've had up to 6 characters in one rp and loved it.) I find this type of thing a lot of fun because we can have many different character dynamics.
~I'm not a grammar nazi either mistakes happen, as long as I can read it and understand what is happening then I am happy with it. At least do not give me one liners, give me something to work with.
~Quality over quantity.
~MxM, MxF, FxF I am fine with it all, but like I said if we have multiple characters do not expect me to play all male to all your females, I do like to play my own gender from time to time.
~A partner who is not afraid to drive the story along with me, throw a curve ball (as long as its not too much of a curve ball.)If you don't know if I'll like it ask in ooc. Throwing ideas back and forth in ooc is a lot of fun for me too. Got a youtube video that fits one or more of the characters or situations? Throw it at me, I love when my partners get super into the characters and story like that.
~I like to get to know who I'm roleplaying with, we don't have to get super personal, but it helps keep things going with fresh idea.
~If I don't reply after a while give me a poke. It just means work and life has gotten the better of me. I can post several times a day or i may post 1-2 times a week depending on the situation. If it takes me longer than that please don't worry just give me a poke like I said.
~If you are open to using Discord I am okay with that. I am very much active on there.
~Pairing can always be combined with others to make something interesting.

The more stars there are the more I would love to play it.
Some Pairing Ideas;

****Prince x Knight
Prince x Assassin
Prince x Thief
Kidnapped x Kidnapper
Neko x human
Demon x human
Demon x summoner
Gifted x Human****
Gifted x Gifted (IDEA)****

Some ideas that interest me;
Seven Deadly Sins (no not the anime)
A group of people were experimented on to become the ultimate soldiers to fight a war that was not their own. They were kidnapped and stolen off the streets, they were people who were never supposed to be missed. They called these people the Seven Deadly Sins, S.D.S. They were elite fighters and had their own unique abilities and they were good. (their abilities would be exhibited in physical changes when used.) They did everything from assassinations, espionage, etc. They were feared and with good reason, but when the war suddenly came to a halt with a peace treaty, they were treated as monsters hunted down by their own creators with new "Peacekeepers". Angels is what they called them. This new group was just like the S.D.S, except they volunteered to become what they were.

Medieval Fantasy
Say there was this big war or epidemic that nearly wiped out the human race and the only way to save them was to make a pact with dragons, in this world dragons are a plenty and has become the focus of most society. When a human is born a Dragon Elder is always present with either an unhatched dragon baby or a dragon hatchling so that the pact can be made. This is the only way that humans were able to survive as the pact would infuse the human child with the dragon's heart magic protecting it from the disease that would surely kill them.

This could go one of two ways, the plot could follow the disease route and say that disease was never beaten and this in fact is the only way a human will live in the world. Or the disease had finally died off, but the dragon pacts would still remain either as a preventative measure to make sure the disease stayed gone or it just became so much of a norm that humans and dragons continued to make pacts.

Not all dragons are pacted with a human of course, but a lot of them would be and so if the dragon died the human would pass as well if we followed the continued disease route. If the human passed then the dragon would live on and most are not likely to make another pact again.

Gifted *******
~There is a large Corporation or Organization that has basically created a Monopoly. They own everything from politicians, The Police Force, Military Contracts and other small businesses. They basically keep their influence over the people through money, while in the mean time they also have their darker secrets. Bio-Weaponry, experimentation on people they take off the streets, Etc. They just always run into one problem, A gang of sorts is always trying to take them down. Vigilantes of justice they say. Except they never really cause too serious a crime until recently (it could be murder), they kidnap, vandalize property, and hack. The company is pretty much over their antics and want The Police to do an undercover investigation of the gang. Whether they really turn out to be the bad guys or not really depends on how we feel the story should go. Would the Undercover cop figure the Gang is right and investigate the Company as well or not is also another thing.

I am open to other ideas, don't be afraid to ask.


Majestic ReeLord XD
Hello, Im interested if ya want to go over more with me :)

(Edit: gotta hop offline but my pms are always open for when i come back)
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ᴍᴀʀꜱʜᴍᴀʟʟᴏᴡꜱ. ♥
Hello! I just want to say that I’m interested in doing either the gifted or seven deadly sins.

- Discord, unfortunately hasn’t been working to well with me, and if I do ever get a chance, I’ll certainly drop my @.
- I’ve been role-playing for a while now, over 5 years. I’m well literate.
- Full time job, meaning, well for me, I travel a lot, and spend a lot of time on electronics. I’ll usually reply every day, unless I get held up.

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    1. Adventure
    2. Anime
    3. Magical
    4. Romance
    5. Slice of Life
  • Sub Genres:
    1. Action
    2. LGTBQ
    3. Mystery
    4. Romance
    5. Slice of Life
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