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Fandom ~~~ Longterm Literate+ Fandom Search ~~~


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Hey, hey, good day everyone!
After a bit of a hiatus from real life/mental heath struggles I'm finally on the search for a few new roleplays :3
If I happened to be talking to anyone when I disappeared I apologize for suddenly going m.i.a. I'd be happy to start back up again if you're interested.

About Me
Nova / Leigh / or whatever you want to call me
Older than 25
Canon x oc and fxm for my end
Double friendly
Typically writes 3 or so paragraphs per character
Might take me a bit to open up but I love ooc chat and plotting
Willing to try threads but I typically go with pms, discord, and email for roleplaying

Looking for someone who's at least 18+ and does about the same amount in terms of writing. I'm happy to do canon x canon or oc x oc for your pairing of that's your thing. And I'm happy to branch out on sexual orientations too.

The fandoms I'm looking for isnt a huge list in terms of cravings but I'll add more I know.
Willing to do split rps (itll be a new thing for me) if there's one your craving but might not be at the top of my list. *Or* if we have the same canon interest :3

House of the Dragon
Canon interest; Aemond

Game of Thrones (mostly by extension)
Canon interest; Robb Stark

Attack on Titan
Canon interest; Levi

Vampire Diaries/The Originals
Canon interest; Klaus, Kol

Walking Dead (not fully caught up)
Canon interest; Daryl

The 100
Canon interest; Bellamy

Other Fandoms
Kingdom Hearts
American Horror Story
And plenty more I'm sure

Feel free to shoot me a pm!​


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If you happen to still be looking, I am interested in anything Game of Thrones or House of the Dragon. Hit me up, if you are. I can play canon and oc characters for it.


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Roleplay Availability
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Hello! I'd be interested in a HOTD roleplay if you're still up to it? We can chat in the DM's about plots and characters and my own style and such! Thank you for your time.

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