Other Longest video game you've spent time on


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I feel like it shouldn't count, but World of Warcraft takes the gold by a landslide. I think before I quit back in Cataclysm my main character had at least 3 months of game time on him, and that's probably a lowball estimate at best.

In terms of non-MMOs, Ark: Survival Evolved wins my #1 at over 500 hours of playtime. Second would be Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate which I clocked well over 300 hours in, but if we're going by series, Monster Hunter as a whole has eaten over 1k hours out of my life, and my only regret is that I waited until 3 Ultimate to start playing.


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Dragon Age: Origins.

I absolutely adore the Dragon Age games, but I have spent most of my time on the first game. I have played it so many times (but even one gameplay takes AGES to finish). I never get bored of it.


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Got about a month of playtime in black desert online, so about 720, second is smite at 630 something then borderlands at 574


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Everyone is cute with their 100 hours on this or 200 hours on that...

I'm not proud of it but I've got 436 days played on WoW... fml

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I’m not sure the exact amount of hours it was, because I don’t think they kept track back then, but I know I put insane amounts of hours in Halo 3 when the game came out. I played it so much from like 07-10


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Fallout New Vegas
Dragon Age Origins
Neverwinter Nights
Witcher 3
Monster hunter world

In this particular order


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I'm not a very good gamer, with video games; in general. And I have respect for those gamers who can legit play and beat games, of all kinds! Okay, so here's my disclaimer... The game I've spent the most time trying to win (and won once) was Super Mario Bros. As embarrassing, as that is. Well, I'm done now. *Waits For Laughter*


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Cities Skylines, and I don't know how it's not exactly the most complex game in the world, but some
how I've played 450+ hours of it


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Recently it has to be Osu! I think I've spent wayyyy too much time trying to get good at that game ^^'

Overall, I think I have close to like 1K hours in league by now


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I'm always replaying Until Dawn. While it isn't a long game and can be played through in its entirety in one sitting, I love the game and continually play it and am starting new games to get different outcomes and get different endings.

That and probably MGS The Phantom Pain. Took me a long time to finish it and I like it a lot and especially since it has open world I just spend hours upon hours doing missions over, doing side missions, and just screwing around lol.

I'm super lame I know.


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Neverwinter Nights. With the thousands of hours I've probably wasted on that game, I could have accomplished something...more. Was fun though. Building stories, etc.

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