Other Longest video game you've spent time on

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  1. I spent a lot of time on grand turismo 2 back in the day but I'm almost certain playtime wise that either The elder scrolls oblivion or Final Fantasy 8 would take the crown.Honorable mentions to both Pokemon emerald though because I was playing competitively back then, and star wars battlefront 2 for the original Xbox....my earliest experience with online multi-player.
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  2. OMG, Neverwinter Nights in peoples custom servers. That game about ruined me lol. Then Final Fantasy XIV, lord have mercy, what a time sink.
  3. I think I've spent a good chunk of time in Skyrim and until recently with FFXV. Almost with all of my RPGs, I invest a good deal of time because I tend to get distracted with all the fun side quests. I'll put off the main story line for days.
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  4. Over 3,000 hours in FFXIV, half on PS3, then the other half when I finally switched to PC.

    I regret nothing. save me
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  5. TF2 and Osu!. I have more than 120 hours on each of them. I'm not much of a gaming person (I mostly watch people play rather than actually play them), so that amount of hours is like gigantic next to the hours I've got clocked on other games lol
  6. League trash here (Don't hate meh plessss .-.). Play it everyday. I wasted most of my life on it.. I think... ?
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  7. Fable 2 ????????
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  8. I've spent a lot of time on Final Fantasy 12.
  9. I have spent a lot of time playing Elsword as well as Blade and Soul. Lol.
  10. The game I've played the most is most likely Warframe, the amount of grinding and grinding it requires is most of that.
  11. Skyrim, going for 1k hours on it, always fun, always more great mods
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  12. same doe, I always tell myself 'i'll get this armor through the one way to get it, crafting, but i'll need 80 levels in smithing, only level 20, whelp, time to grind dungeons and smith daggers for 10 hours!' or what you say, yes XD
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  13. Monster hunter.

    The game that never ends until it breaks you, or you finally break it.
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  14. i have 650 hours on ts4
    then i probably have spend over 100 on p3p
  15. I was like 7 when my cousin first introduced me to Wc3 DotA lol. I remember when I used to skip classes in middle school just so I can play my favorite hero Windrunner Windranger (RIP ALLERIA). Those were good times.
  16. It's ROBLOX, I was playing that ever since I was nine and stopped up until recently.
  17. PayDay 2 and Dark Souls 3, though it feels like Fallout: New Vegas has spent more of time than the others combined, probably due to offline mode, mods, and some console play rather than PC.
  18. I've played 300+ hours on an idle game over the past two months, but over the past 5 years I've logged a good 1k hours on Terraria.

  19. Skyrim and Witcher 3.

    I've spent close to +300 hours on Skyrim and 117 on Witcher 3.
  20. I'm gonna say Skyrim. I'm not sure exactly but that game used to take a ridiculous amount of my time
  21. 2000+ hours on Terraria. Granted much of that was time afk.
  22. Holy Crap is all I can say
  23. Yeahhh...I don't play many games, but the ones I do play, I play a lot. 1400+ hours on League, 700+ hours on Ark, 400+ hours on Starbound >>;

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