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Hi friends!

I'm Lyraen, 22F. I've been roleplaying for nearly 10 years, and I'm looking for new RP partners after a bit of a hiatus! I'm hoping to create some original RP plots based on some fandoms with some new partners. I'm a literate/semi-lit RPer and write a few paragraphs per response typically. Please be 18+! I'm up to roleplaying either MxF or FxF. Most of my characters are queer or bisexual, so please be LGBTQ+ friendly and open-minded.

Following this are some of the fandoms I'm interested in. I have some ideas for plots for most fandoms, so just reach out to hear and we can mutually plot together! I usually don't like to roleplay canon characters-- I prefer OCs-- but if you have a specific scenario which is intriguing enough, I could be open to trying it!

I also like to chat casually with my RP partners, since it would be really nice if we can be friends! It's alright if that's not really your thing, though. Lastly, I'd like to reply pretty consistently, but I can't always get to my RPs every single day due to my health, so please be patient!

Asterisks refer to my current preferences for fandoms. Thanks for reading, and happy roleplaying everyone!

Naruto ***
The 100 **
Avatar: The Last Airbender **
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power *
Demon Slayer *
Squid Game*
Harry Potter *
The Good Place *
Russian Doll
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
The Hunger Games
The Selection
Probably more that I'm forgetting!
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