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Fandom Long-term, various fandom search (no OCs please) [MCU, the 100, Good Omens, SW, HP]

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Magic Eight Ball

I am an 18+, multi-para to novella writer looking for someone of similar, legal age and capability and one that is hopefully willing and able to contribute at least one meaty post per day. Yes, I realize that doesn’t work for everyone, it is simply what I am looking for in a partner.

I am looking for a number of fandom canon role-plays currently and I have listed them below. It should be noted that while I am specific with my ships, I am happy to play either of the characters that I have mentioned here.

I am notoriously bad at realizing when I have a new chat (most of my discussions actually take place off-site), so please try to have a little patience with me until I see the e-mail ping for any responses..

I do not like OCs and I am not looking to play with them.


Steve Rogers x (most reasonable canon characters though I feel as though I’ve overplayed Stucky and you’ll have a hard time selling me on it)

Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter

Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff

Natasha Romanoff x (most reasonable canon characters)

Tony Stark x Pepper Potts

Loki x (most reasonable canon characters)

Loki x Valkyrie

Wanda x Vision


Bellamy Blake x Clarke Griffin

Lincoln x Octavia

Star Wars

Kylo Ren / Ben Solo x Rey

Luke Skywalker x Mara Jade

Good Omens

Aziraphale x Crowley

Harry Potter

Any Marauder-based canon x (most reasonable canon characters)

Any Golden Trio-based canon x (most reasonable canon characters)

Any Fantastic Beasts-based canon x (most reasonable canon characters)
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