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Hi! So I've been craving a few role plays lately and I would love to find someone to rp with me. My name is Kelli and I am a college student/ part time pharmacy technician, and part time author. I love creativity and writing.

First the rules:

  • Be active- I have a life too but once a day I hope is manageable if you can't do that but are really interested just let me know how often you can and we'll work with that
  • I prefer to double although my main characters are normally female, but I can play a guy, not well, but I can play them.
  • 18+ PLEASE
  • No God modding!
  • I prefer to rp here by pm or by email, I don't have skype, and I don't like to rp by thread as I forget I have them.
  • I'm okay with OOC chat :) if fact I prefer communication, I love to talk about the rp or just about life I'm a generally friendly person, and communication is key for a good role play
  • Don't just ditch, if you don't like it fine but let me know that you aren't going to reply. I won't bug you unless you leave me hanging for like a week I'll send you a message.
  • Lastly, proper grammar, just no text talk and stuff like that I normally write a paragraph to 4 or 5 depending on how much I'm being given by the other person to work with and if I am on mobile which sometimes I am. I like detail.
So thank you for reading those, and if you are still here great!
Bad boy x Good Girl (or the other way around)
Slice of life big family (no incest there will be outside love interests)
Kidnapper x kidnapped
Abusive/toxic relationships
Arranged marriage

Those are all I can think of but feel free to pm me with your ideas!
These are kind of works in progress and always open to suggestion or help

So like a father that had his kids taken from him in an accident so he abducted a woman who’s now his wife and has been brain washed and then they abducted a girl who’s been there for a while and a fresh boy. This one I realllllllllly want!!!!
This one I was thinking a girl who's family has kept from her that she had telekentic powers and now that she's emotional, they have to train her to control them. And they do that in the most unconventional and abusive way they could.
"These things, they poke and prod at us all day. They wait, and anaylze, they watch to see who will fight back, who will snap under the pressure. So they can crush it, kill it, and display the bodies as a sign of strength. They display it in hopes that any ideas of rebellion will die along with those who are innocent. And for so long...so, so long, it has worked. We sit here comfortable, well comfortable enough, working ourselves to death in jobs that we hate, that we weren't designed to do. It's ridiculous, and inhumane. And I'm sick of it." she almost yelled at her friend. If she was heard or if her own lover in the next room turned her in she could be hung, beaten, or worse. But at this point she didn't care, for too long has the human race lived in fear.
"That's life, this is life now Sam. You can't change it, they're machines, and you're unarmed, and ilequipt. Not to mention if anyone hears you, or you get called into questioning you could be killed or worse and you know that. This is life now and-"
"If this is life then there is no point any more Elizabeth!" she whisper yelled at her, "This isn't life, Liz, you know that. And the people out there they are just scared. They need someone, the people need someone to believe in, to rally to. And you and I...we could be the spark that burns this whole world to the ground." she said standing up traveling over to her barred bedroom windows. "And from the ashes...we'll rise."
So that was what was stuck in my head it's open to edits but I would LOVE to rp this with someone and build it a home world. IF you're interested please DM, even if you have any other ideas and are looking for a partner DM me as well I'm open to pretty much anything!
Credit to: Funkybub
A relationship between a Jewish girl and a high member of the SS, unknowing of what the other did, and eventually they find out the truth
In the distant future there are two types of people, ones with abilities and ones without. Those with abilities are locked away in facilities capable of holding them, they are microchipped in order to control their powers and promptly deliver a shock if they do not comply with the strict routine of the facility. On top of everything, those with abilites are subjected to cruel experiments in order to test their capacity for stress, and the extent of their powers. In addition to the experiments being tested on a biweekly or daily basis, they are matched with those of opposite ability (i.e. fire with ice) in order to reproduce so that the children can be studied.

I typically only to OCS

The Handmaid's Tale

I have NO triggers. Please pm me if you're interested!!

That's all for now!!! Thanks for reading!!


I have done incest (in the rp not irl ewww)in the past but that was cus the 2 were kidnaped and twins and all the outher had real and they became so codependent on eatch outher. It was a realy dark rp but had happy ending(no not like that get your mind out of gutter)


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Hi! I am interested in an arranged marriage roleplay. I usually tend to stick with playing female, as it's what I am most comfortable with, but I am willing to double up for equality if you'd like? PM me if you're interested.
Hi I'd also like to rp the arranged marriage but I'd be the male since you said that you prefer female. Just let me know! xx


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I have updated some of the plots so I'm bumping it for you guys to take a look again!!

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