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Hey, just here to find anyone who'd be willing to start an RP with me. I'm literate, and take time in my posts and will give back what you give me. (However I do prefer at least 2 paragraphs, but it doesn't have to be a novel, unless you like to type more.) I RP in third person usually.

Also don't mind OOC, if we end up making a friendship outta this that's cool.

I'm down for most ideas, but we can talk logistics when you contact me, because this post would be way too long otherwise. However, I'll give just a few tidbits just so you don't feel you wasted your time on me.

I usually prefer to RP as some kind of hybrid character, meaning they are part human/part a certain animal (and can shift). Or I am willing to do mythical creatures of some sort. I try to stay open minded. Am not opposed to playing human, just find it more fun for me to have a more heightened character.

I like action, or characters that are on the run, perhaps even enemies at first. I don't mind romance too, but not the whole RP based on that. Definitely open for more ideas, this is just a brief rundown.

Message me if interested!
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