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Loner Raven5885

New Member
Hey All. Back into it again after being a bit sick with a cold and busy.

Need to know to RP with me
  • Not ghost friendly: if you don't want to RP fine but don't ghost me please, just tell me you no longer want to RP
  • I HAte one-liners: They are boring so I expect 2 lengthy paragraphs at min, more is welcome. I may ask for a writing sample to see if we are compatible I, not a stickler for spelling or grammar as you long as you literate enough it works
  • I like to plan my rps not wing them. Nothing wrong with winging it, just not my style
  • be prepared to plan plotlines, I don't want to be the only planning
  • I am friendly and willing to chat OOC
  • I am LGBTQ+ friendly. I ONLY play female though. into f x f at the moment
  • I am EST so I usually on after 4 pm but sometimes on during the day if my laptop internet is ok
  • Fandoms are welcome and I am willing to double if need be, goes for Original RP too
  • I prefer to RP in pm as its easier to track for me, but willing to do thread as well
  • Genres I love: Horror Romance Mystery
  • I won't do anime, medieval, historical, or sci-fi based rps, again nothing against them but they don't interest me
  • Umbrella Academy
  • Corpse Party
  • Stranger things
  • Dr. Strange
Original ideas
* I have an idea for the pairing*
  • violinist/mortician
  • *Former princes or wealthy girl/ poor or lower middle class
  • former enemies/ lovers
  • *reincarnated/ mystery person
  • mute loner/ schools horror fan
  • new neighbor/ long time resident
  • closeted/open LGBTQ+
  • a friend who broken up with a possessive ex/best friend who has a crush(fxf)
  • amnesiac/ former friend
  • towns eerie doll maker/ new seemingly indifferent resident
  • *exes/former friends reunited in college(horror)
  • cold popular person/ brash exterior loner( f x f only)
  • reincarnated with past memories/former bully accomplice to lover
I open to pairing suggestions, I may not do all but if it seems interesting enough will try
I will not do
Anything with vampires and werewolves or shifters
* Nothing against these but they do not interest me

Thank you all I hope to make new friends and new RP partners


New Member
Heya! I'd love to roleplay with you, I adore your ideas and would love to talk about it more in PM's? I hope that's alright!


Hey, I’m interested in
Former princes or wealthy girl/ poor or lower middle class and closeted/open LGBTQ+

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