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Courage is found in unlikely places..
Hello there! As stated in the title I am looking to start a few 1x1 role plays. I took a hiatus from the site for a couple of months but am ready to start again. I am semi-literate to literate but excuse me if I am a little rusty. It will take me a few posts to get back in to the swing of things.

I am looking for someone who is willing to create a world with me. I love in depth characters with backgrounds and worlds with a history. I do like to incorporate romance and darker themes (fighting, drugs, etc.) in to my role plays so I would prefer 18+. I will list the genres I do below although I am open to others.

I can usually post at least once a day or at least every couple days. I don’t have any limits on the number of paragraphs per post, I just need something to work with. I do prefer to play female characters although I will double up if needed. Now on to the genres I do. I have plots for a few of them. If interested please pm me.

-Civil War
-An idea based off of a book series I have read


Courage is found in unlikely places..
I have not
That’s the books it’s based off of. Pretty much magical creatures exist and they live on reserves that are overseen by human caretakers. In the book two children find out their grandparents are caretakers of the reserve and lots of stuff happens including having to close the demon prison. It’s a 5 book series. I thought instead of children it can be adults and one finds out about the magical things while one already knew.

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