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Hello there! As stated in the title I am looking to start a few 1x1 role plays. I took a hiatus from the site for a couple of months but am ready to start again. I am semi-literate to literate but excuse me if I am a little rusty. It will take me a few posts to get back in to the swing of things.

I am looking for someone who is willing to create a world with me. I love in depth characters with backgrounds and worlds with a history. I do like to incorporate romance and darker themes (fighting, drugs, etc.) in to my role plays so I would prefer 18+. I will list the genres I do below although I am open to others.

I can usually post at least once a day or at least every couple days. I don’t have any limits on the number of paragraphs per post, I just need something to work with. I do prefer to play female characters although I will double up if needed. Now on to the genres I do. I have plots for a few of them. If interested please pm me.

-Civil War
-An idea based off of a book series I have read
Hello! My name is Nesy and I'm here to do a roleplay with you. But sadly, is there an age limit and are you willing to roleplay with a 14-year-old like me? I usually give out 5-10 paragraphs maximum but I'm mostly intermediate border lining advanced.


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Hey, I’d like to Roleplay with you. My time zone is Eastern and I can respond daily but more frequently on nights and weekends. I’m 18+ and enjoy dark themes as well as romance. I have no limits or triggers at all. I love to Roleplay as guy characters and have done all types of genres:

-Super Hero
-Slice of pie
-Lost on islands

You name it. I have a lot of experience and tend to love creating a creative world like an experience rather than just dialogue. I love to get lost in my characters’ world.
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