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Realistic or Modern Long term partner

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When the War Ends

The year is 1937, a young lady (not German) is living with her boyfriend and his German family. Things have been fine until one day the son receives a letter saying he must participate in the Nazis part. He begins to work with them and finds out about the horrendous plans and try’s to save his girlfriend before his family finds out.

This is a historical romance role playing. I’d prefer a partner 18 and up because this is a sensitive topic. Also minimum of one post a day and if you can’t get one out just communicate that.

Beyond the Stars

Two young teenagers (13-16) runaway from home because their parents think that the relationship is toxic. But it’s not are they too young for the intensity? Yes. The two venture out and unfortunately die from an overdose (they don’t know they’re dead) the roleplay will be them traveling through the after life kind of the moments where your life flash before your eyes. As they go through this journey they think it’s just side effects from the drug they tried.

This a romance/ adventure! I want to take our time before they find out they’re dead.

Turned lovers

The Richmond family is the riches family in the city. They hire two maids who aren’t allowed to leave the manor unless the lady of the house is with them. The lady of the house has a temper, the lord of the house is often gone and the children are terrible. But these two find love in the madness.

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