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Multiple Settings Long-term partner wanted

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Hey there! I'm Jules, 31, from Germany. I'm looking for a long-term roleplay partner. Here are some facts about me and my roleplaying style. If you think we might click, please hit me up.

- Setting: I prefer Fantasy or Historical, but I'm willing to try new stuff. I just might be less proficient.
- I usually feel roleplays are better with romance. However, I will only play m/m or f/f couples.
- I prefer novel style, and I try to write one or two paragraphs at least, depending on the situation in the roleplay. It would be great if your posts would be about the same length.
- I love world building and letting characters grow as the story progresses.
- I also love well written characters. I'll always try to create a lot of different and credible characters with their own traits and quirks.
- As to platforms, I'm fine with almost anything (the forum, discord, e-mail ...)

I'm excited to hear from you!

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