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Multiple Settings Long term partner search, lots of ideas (Updated)


Immortal Bait
Hey there, I go by Zaxs. I have been watching a lot of those main character dies and gets sent into a fantasy world animes and would like to create something like that. As I think the settings can be really cool and it can be open with how you approach and lay the world out. I am also a big fan of video games, from Dark Souls to the Tales series, I like most games. If you have a video game or anime you want to share and roleplay, feel free to pitch it to me. I also some plots of my own near the end.

Few things to know about me:
  • I usually match post lengths, but I like to do at least 2 paragraphs for detail. But I can give probably a good 6-7
  • I do slow burners and do not really plan out romance as I think it should be a surprise and if characters don't get along they shouldn't date.
  • I like to talk in OOC chat as long as there is a conversation to be had. If you just talk about the RP then that might be all we talk about.
  • I enjoy world building and creating characters with depth and not just a role to be filled.
  • I discuss details about the roleplay before everything is set, so no just jumping straight in.
  • I would like to roleplay with someone around my age, I am 21 now.
  • I can play both male and female but tend to play a female as it can be easier for me.

Anime: Dororo | Mob Pyscho | That time I got reincarnated as a slime | Boku no Hero | Working!!! | Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid | Dragon Ball | Will list more as I think of them...

Video Games: Resident Evil 2 | Disgaea | Tales of Beseria | Yakuza 0 | ThroneBreaker | SkullGirls | The Long Dark | Dark Souls | Persona | 300+ games in my library, so ask and I might have it

[Feel free to pitch any an all ideas at me. I am open to most anything.]

Land of Goliaths
The plot being a world that is almost completely submerged in water except for massive creatures that roam around in it called Goliaths. Humans have made ships and submarines in order to scout for new creatures to try and land on, as these creatures are so massive they are like continents to humans. Plus most of them tend to have soil, trees, food, and even some other animals that people can hunt and use. Humans as of now have about 3 different goliaths that they stay on, though one is desperately searching for more as the life expectancy of these creatures can range from 100 to 1000 years dependant on size. The people are searching because the Goliath is pretty small compared to the other two and they suspect within a few years it will die.

Villainous kingdom
Another plot idea I had recently was about an emperor in a fantasy medieval type setting of sorts that was roaming the land in search of a place to call home because they aren't considered a normal human and any place they do try and stay often casts them out for being immoral and not following an ever-changing ruleset. So what better idea than to go and search for your own home and begin to recruit and have people help make it into a society. Maybe later down the line, the neighboring kingdoms could try invading cause they see the monsters and other creatures as evil, even though they have done nothing wrong.

Freaks among the sane
There is a realm filled with being of weird and unknown descent, these creatures who almost look human tend to roam around free wearing silly masks to cover their face. No sane person would leave their home and try to enter this place, not unless they planned to stay forever and become one of those "freaks" as many call them. It isn't often that the people of this place leave and make a home somewhere else, but it can happen. Wherever these people go they always tend to bring trouble or some kind of unnatural event. The last time one was free they made a home in a forest next to a small little town. Nightmares came to the townspeople and it was hard to sleep. Another example was when one tried to disguise themselves as a normal everyday person, though they had strange tendencies they seemed like your everyday joe. But people in the neighboring apartments would talk about strange shadow creatures forming and roaming around their home. You are one of the unlucky people who discover one of the freaks mask and try to put it on.
Endless dungeon
A dungeon has sprung up from out of nowhere, after being discovered by a few kids playing around a cave in the forest. This Dungeon has mystical creatures roaming around inside of it. From dragons, lizards, centaurs, and even demons. These monsters drop loot ranging in rarity depending on how far down you are in the Dungeon. The people near the cave now use most of the items and loot dropped from the monsters inside as currency. Though once you enter, there is no chance for you to change your mind and escape, not until the Dungeon decides when you leave. People have been gone for weeks even months inside the cave, coming back randomly and with no signs of aging. The mysterious Dungeon seems to keep whoever is in it young. The Dungeon provides food and water at certain level points, but it is not easy to come by, and most adventures have to prepare ahead of time unless they run out. But who knows how far it goes, and what lies at the end. Will you be the first to find out?

Five forms of magic
Magic has always been in the world, though no one knew how to use it, until in medieval times a researcher came along and discovered the first bit of magic, elemental being the first. He then passed it on to his family, friends, and it slowly grew till everyone knew, people learned to produce the elements and to control them to some extent. But to also transform parts of their body, this was called transformation, people could even turning some parts into elemental limbs by combining the two forms. This process was found out and therefore magic is now researched to see what else it can open up and what other types of magic are available. Leading to the discovery of materialization. Allowing people to be able to materialize objects from across the room and even forming objects from materials in the area. Like forming clay into bricks. Magic went silent for a bit until someone had a dream of another place, a place where humans do not exist, but magical beings. A realm next to our own plain of existence, though untouchable until the person tried to reach this realm. Though he was not able to, he discovered a way to bring beings from this plain to our realm, leading to servant magic. The latest form of magic is artillery magic as fighting with guns always seems so pointless. So one person thought of the idea of forming bullets from magic, he tried to fit these bullets into his firearm, but it seemed easier to just fire the bullets from glyphs.

I can't believe I summoned something!
No one believes in summoning, I mean it has to be a myth right? The idea that you can take everyday items, perhaps sacrifice, or even just craft something in order to summon a being of unknown origin and power. It sounds ridiculous. But why not try it? What harm could it do? Is what you said before you had actually decided to do it, you never thought doing a summoning ritual of any kind would actually result in you summon something. Not only that the being has powers and abilities humans could only dream of, what now? The being is a bit angry that they were summoned but they agree to uphold the deal of being summoned, in which that they will be used to do whatever task is asked of them. So got any ideas on what you would ask a being more powerful than humans to do for you?
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