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Multiple Settings Long Term Partner Search - Fandom and Original!

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, Dystopian, Magical, Realistic, Romance, School, Super Powers, Supernatural


Bust :(
Hello! I'm looking for a long term role-play partner to do practically anything with! I am very open to discussing the plot in order to find something both players will enjoy!

General Info
  • I generally write between 1-3 paragraphs, depending on what is going on but I can easily write more if the plot calls for it. I usually try to match my partner.
  • I am pretty active (at least 1 reply per day unless stated otherwise). But I am still a student so there may be days where I won't be able to reply. (I obviously don't expect the same from my partner, I understand that people get busy).
  • I can RP either gender.
  • I'm most comfortable with MxF pairings but I have nothing against MxM or FxF, I have simply never done them.
  • Doubling is preferred. I tend to do 2 separate RPs but can be persuaded to doubling in just one or not doubling at all!
  • I do not RP as canon characters.​
  • I use realistic face claims for realistic fandoms and original plots.​
  • I draw my own references for anime based stories (I would like if my partner did the same in this situation).​
  • Communication is great and having an OOC chat is always nice!​
  • I don't really mind age too much, but since I am 18+ I tend to role-play with others around my age.​
These are very general as I would like to discuss them in order to make them custom to our personal likings!
(I will eventually add more but I prefer figuring things out with someone instead of coming up with the whole thing)
There are two kingdoms of Shapeshifters one of (insert one animal species here) and the other (insert another animal species here). There are tensions between them and things don't seem to be improving. Contact between the two, outside of scheduled meetings, is forbidden. One day, MC and YC encounter each other at the border of the two territories. They should hate each other, and at first they probably do, but eventually things change and a forbidden love arises.
Tensions between the kingdom and a large group of rebels is quickly growing. YC is part of the royal family who's kingdom lives on a beautiful island. They are training to become a strong successor but they are also preparing for any future attacks from the rebels. MC is part of rebel group made up of various odd creatures, few being actual humans. The raid comes a lot sooner than the kingdom expected. The two groups wage a long war which resulted in the deaths of many people, the winner is unclear. MC is left injured on the island but still alive. YC is the only one from their family who made it. They find MC and spare their life, eventually traveling together to try and make things better between the two groups.
After a war and a terrible plague only 3/4 of the human population remain. Many families are simply scavengers while a larger group of people had created a settlement that seemed too good to be true. They had homes and even a school, it wasn't the same as it used to be but it was pretty darn close. YC is an injured Scavenger who just lost their only family member. They are found from the Settlers and brought back to camp where they meet MC, a rebellious student who wasn't a huge fan of this place. They create an unlikely friendship and cause trouble around the settlement until one day things go horribly wrong and their lives are changed forever.
MC/YC is a test subject in an inhumane facility. Their whole life they are kept in their cell or taken out for testing. The scientists are trying to create war weapons out of a simple human, morphing their genetic make-up to make them stronger and more deadly. Mc/YC is a worker there. They are completely against the testing and had been trying to figure out a way to free all of the subjects. Eventually that day comes and things don't go as smoothly as they expected.
I have a main character drawn out for this one who I would like to use (I will PM reference images if you are interested). I realize that this is very picky of me, but I would like if your character is drawn out as well. None of the canon characters will be in the story, just our own. This will be a fairly involved RP as we will have to play as various characters and such. I am very open to discussing the main plot points and all, as I would like this to be fairly long-term (mostly so the character soda't go to waste). MC is a general studies student who, after his first year, gets transferred to the hero course. He will eventually change paths and become a villain due to various events during his school years that brought him to that point. YC is his classmate and friend at UA High. Obviously, I would let you decide the specifics about your character, it would be all up to you (gender, quirk, future, etc...). I don't plan on their being much romance, wanting to focus on friendships and action but of course if something reaches that point I will not be opposed to it.
I am very open to discussing any plot ideas you have! I don't mind trying new things and discussing our own plots! PM me if you have any ideas!

Current Fandoms of Interest
Fandom wise, I will do role-plays based on these plots but nothing with the canon characters involved.
  • My Hero Academia​
  • The 100​
  • Warrior Cats​
  • The Umbrella Academy​
  • Voltron​
  • Gantz: O​
  • The Good Place​
  • The OA​
  • Under The Dome​
  • Supernatural​
  • Pacific Rim​

  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Fantasy
  • Modern/Realistic
  • Medieval
  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Futuristic
  • Anything really, I am always up to trying new things if you have a preferred genre that you don't see here!

Other Random Pairings
  • Vampire x Human
  • Werewolf x Human
  • Werewolf x Werewolf
  • Shapeshifter x Human
  • Shapeshifter x Shapeshifter
  • Test subject x Doctor
  • Bad guy x Good Girl
  • Gang Member x Good Girl
  • Prince x Citizen/Servant
  • Grim Reaper x Human
  • Harpy x Human
  • Centaur x Human

If you're interested or just need someone for your own plot PM me! I am always open to suggestions and trying new things!
I'm looking forward to meeting some new people and having a fun time!
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