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Hello, all!

My name is Wraith. I'm twenty-five and go by she/her pronouns. I've been roleplaying on-and-off for almost a decade,
and I've of course been writing for much longer. After taking on a soul-killing job, my hobbies were neglected, and my writing
is a bit rusty. However, having recently quit it, I feel my creative spirit returning! And what better way to utilize it than to write a story?


I only write with those 21+.

I only write in third person, novella format and prefer my partner to do the same.
On top of that, I don't do separate stories as I want
our characters to exist in the same universe and interact. (That doesn't mean
they won't be separated and be doing their own things though!)

Generally, I'll stick to one character as my main focus, but I have no issues with
writing for multiple characters and am partial for you to be willing to as well.
(Sometimes NPCs are the bread and butter to a good plot, after all.)

The length of my replies tend to mirror my partner's, but I do sometimes get
carried away and write more than I intended to. Don't feel pressured to match it, but
I do prefer to receive at least a paragraph.

My big no's are: spotlight hogging, godmodding, killing off my character, etc.
Pretty much the basics. As for triggers, I don't have any that I can think of, and
the topics I refuse to write for are already ones banned from the site. If you
have any triggers, please inform me before we start writing.

Personally, I'm not a fan of pairing roleplays as I don't like romance
being the main theme. It doesn't mean I'm against it being in the roleplay;
I just prefer a solid plot. If at any point you would like to ship our characters though,
please discuss it with me first! It heavily depends on the characters themselves
and is nothing personal against you if I'm not for it. I'm also fine
if there is no romance involved whatsoever.

Ultimately, my reply time varies and is heavily dependent on my
availability, inspiration, mental health, and whether or not writer's block
decides to pop in for a visit. I typically, however, do 1-3 a week. If I'm feeling
extra inspired I may even do more! However, please don't take it personally
if my replies are infrequent. To add on to this, don't nag for a response.
I will drop the roleplay altogether if we can't be mutually respectful.

Plotting is one of my favorite things to do, but I'm also happy with
simply establishing the basics and hopping straight into it. However,
I do want it to be collaborative effort regardless of how big or small
as I quickly lose interest I'm the one forced to
make all the decisions. I just want to make sure we're
both enjoying ourselves.


Right now, I'm only interested in doing original concepts but may open myself
up to writing for fandoms in the future.

My particular cravings currently are medieval fantasy/general fantasy, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic,
and mostly anything with fictitious elements. I'm open to other genres as well,
but as I brought up before I will not do pairing roleplays and will avoid slice-of-life.

If you have any original concept ideas you'd like to try, I'd love to hear them! Otherwise,
we can gladly come up with something together based on mutual cravings.

I look forward to hearing from you. Happy writing!​
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Hi! I'm Sunrise (pseudoname), and I'd love to start a roleplay with you. ^_^ I'm twenty-three, she/they pronouns, and am dipping back into the pond after ten years. Aside from working a soul sucking job, my hobbies include gaming, reading, hiking, and playing guitar. I have a loving partner in real life, my goal is to just have fun and be creative with a peer that shares similar interests ideally. Your post-apocalyptic theme caught my eye in particular, but I am open to mostly anything as well. Due to the nature of my job, I have a lot of time on my hands while working. I am diagnosed ADHD, so I wouldn't mind the infrequent replies as mine will most likely be extremely here and there as well. Let me know if you're interested!


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Never before I have seen a search thread that would encompass things I myself am looking for this well. Therefore' I'd love to give it a try and try to plot something together, if you're willing. I might have a few ideas in mind, set in more or less original worlds (because, hey, what is even original nowadays anyway?), but as the settings weren't listed in your preference (modern-like, urban fantasy), I'll hold them back, and see if we can come up with a better option both would enjoy.

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