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hello, hello! I have a few names that you can refer to me by - Mars and Roe both work evenly and I don't tend to switch between them very often. I consider myself agender/genderfluid so many (if not all) of my cravings are LGBTQ+ friendly so you must be as well.

i've been on hiatus for a good portion of this year and recently had things settle and schedules work out so i had some free time open up!! writing is a hobby i've had since i was a kid and i've really been itching to be at the keyboard again for a while.

I roleplay both fandom and non-fandom, though if I do anything unoriginal, I hardly ever play cannon characters. Any pairings I do will be OC x OC with very few exceptions to this - and you're more than welcome to ask me about them! I also tend to vary in my writing responses - which that usually tends to be dependent on the energy I'm receiving in replies. If you write a lot, I'll write a lot and so on so forth! I don't have any triggers so really anything is up for discussion. I roleplay both on site and on discord and don't have much of a preference for either.

Please be open to an OOC chat! I tend to ramble when I'm excited about a plot and love info-dumping about OCs or just chatting about life

- NB x NB
- M x M
- F x F
NB x Any

- Religious undertone-y (think hozier.)
- Horror
- Romance
- Healing (aka: character A experiences a traumatic event and meets Character B who also is healing from something on their end)
- I really enjoy dark themes. I'm always open to anything though!
- Victorian Era, Fantasy, Magic
- Etc

- Vampire x Human
- Dragon x Human
- introvert x Extrovert
- Religious x Nonreligous
- Human x Monster
- coming of age
- Forced proximity
- Enemies to Lovers
- Famous x Fan/Non-Fan
- Good x "bad"

- Kingdom Hearts (more likely to lean towards cannon x oc on this one)
- Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel
-Black Butler
- Mandela Catalogue
- Sun Haven
- Stardew Valley
- MHA - but be warned i have legitimately only seen season 1
- Baldur's Gate (On Act 1 still but have seen spoilers)
- Fruits Basket

Feel free to comment below or DM! :)
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