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Fantasy Long term Partner needed, inquire within!

A Finnish Boot

Husband of Chaepeumeon
Greetings! I am in need of a new, long term roleplay partner. I am looking for someone who is down with all kinds of crazy plots twists and turns, and is very open to a lot of crazy ideas. As far as age goes, that's not important when crafting a story. A story is about people who are not yourselves, so what relevance does age have in a situation like this? If age is really something that is important to you I'm sure we can work something out. All manner of different genre's will be breached in this roleplay: Action, adventure, romance, pregnancy, marriage, death, life, etc. While I would prefer a MxF, a FxF would also work great too. I can play either role, and would be more than happy to give you your preference. As far as responses go, I can usually go as short or long as needed, but my average is two paragraphs or more. I generally don't do one liners, however, I don't mind if you use them. I can understand writers block, or not having much to say. IF you think you just might happen to want to give it a try, just shoot me a PM, or you can even reply to this thread here. I'm on pretty much whenever, so feel free to message me whenever! I look forward to meeting you, new Partner(s)!

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