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Fandom Long Term one piece rp

Hi guys! I am a one piece fan and i am looking forword to find a great rp partner, If you are willing to rp then comment down below. I am willing to do upto 6 lines but sometimes more then that but I will try to match the lenght of my reply to the person whom i'm gonna rp with, anything that you are comfortable with, i am also comfortable with one liners as well but the Grammer has to be good even if you type a little bit. I usually like to do romance rp and also a bit of action, i preffer MxF and i would like to pair my oc with sanji since he is my most favorite character in the series besides zoro, crocodile and pedro X3.
Also I am okay with alittle blood gore and mature theme but not get too carried away with it, and finally be creative.

I will send the bio of my oc later when we start to rp.

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