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Fandom Long term one on one fandom

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, Harry Potter, Magical, Super Powers, Supernatural


1-Don't just ditch me after 1 or 2 posts. Long term means just that....
2-If you get stuck TELL ME. Don't just leave me HANGING waiting for a
post here. Talk to me I will do the same.
3-Post length....give me something to work with huh?
4-Limits...tell me yours I will tell you mine.
5-I do play MALES. Please play a male too.
6-This is always a mix of Oc and Cannon. You need to be a cannon too....
7-Your free to ask if I do a fandom...
8-I ask nicely for you to be someone. I will return the favor..
9-No gary/mary sues, no all powerful people, ect. Should be a given
but it's happening to often now in rps....

*=WANT! The more *s the more I want it!
()-Who I want you to be (I will play anyone in return)

********$ Doctor Who- (Doctor)

******$ Big Bang Theory-(Sheldon, Stuart)

**Young Sheldon-(Sheldon)

****$ Big Hero 6-(Baymax)

*********$ X-Men First Class/DOFP/Apocalypse/Dark Phenoix -(Charles)

*$ Back to the Future-(Doc)

*$ House MD-(House)

$ Monk-(Monk)

$ Pushing Dasies-(Ned)

****$ Great Mouse Detective-(Basil)

$ Batman- (Bruce) ((Nolan movies))

$ Fullmetal Alchemist- (Edward)

$ Harry Potter Past- (Snape)

$ Harry Potter Present-(Snape)

City of Angels-(Seth) ((Loosely based))

*****************$ Digimon Season 2-(Ken)

*********Fruits Basket-(Yuki)

$ My Little Pony/Doctor Who Cross Over

******$ Bates Motel- (Norman)

$ Pet Shop of Horrors- (Count D)

******$ Criminal Minds- (Reid)

My Chemical Romance-(Gerard)

*$ ER

Danny Phantom- (Danny)


The Magicians-(Quentin or Ellot )

Sherlock-(Sherlock) ((Really not sure how good I would be....the BBC one))

******************$Fantatic Beasts and Were to Find Them -(Newt)

***************$ Supernatural-(Sam or Cass) ((I am better at Dean))

The Bane Chronicles-(Bane)

Early Edition-(Gary)

Phantom Of the Opera-(Eric)

Hey Arnold-(Arnold) ((I will be a bit rusty...))

*****South Park-(Kyle)

*****The Immortals-(Numair)

*****The Numair Chronicles-(Numair) ((Set when he is fleeing?))

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-(Wonka)

**********The Good Doctor-(Shaun Murphy)

**Phinas and Ferb-(Phinas)

Jurassic Park/Jurassic World-(Depends on what we do and it might be more AU)

Gravity Falls-(our own AU type deal maybe? With cannons of course!))

Touched By An Angel-((loosely based)) (Andrew)


The Red One
" $ My Little Pony/Doctor Who Cross Over "

Any chance of doing an MLP only roleplay? I haven't watched Dr. Who, but MLP is one of my favorite shows of all time.


To stay alive you've got to kill your mind.
I really vibe with your cravings. xD
I'd be up for Dr Who, House MD, Supernatural, Sherlock, Criminal Minds, XMen and Batman. Put me wherever you need me xD

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