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Fandom Long term fandom roleplays **Always Open**

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Guaranteed to blow your mind..

I'm in search of long term partners to do fandom roleplays, I'm not super strict but i do have a few things i ask of my partners:

-Long term. I'm looking for something to last long term. If you're not liking something? Tell me. Lets change it. And please, no ghosting.
-I'm not super picky about length. I understand that it's not always necessary to write paragraph after paragraph. All i ask is that you be descriptive.
-Be open to occ chatting. It will help keep the roleplay going as we can plan things and share ideas. :)
-Be active. I understand that people are busy, but please don't disappear for a super long time (days) without letting me know.
-PLEASE no ghosting! If you're not willing to commit and work through problems, don't start the roleplay.

:bishiesparklesl: Now onto what I'm looking for! :bishiesparklesl:


(OC x Cannon or OC x OC)

-Monster Hunter World
(OC x OC)

(OC x OC)

-Breaking Bad
(Cannon x OC or OC x OC)

(Cannon x OC or Cannon x Cannon)

-The 100
(Cannon x OC)

-Trailer Park Boys
(Cannon x OC)

-The end of the f***ing world
(Cannon x OC or OC x OC)

(Cannon x Cannon)

Other things I'm interested in, but have absolutely no ideas for:
-AHS: Murder House
-Stranger things (Seasons 1-2)

I have ideas for some of these, but if you have your own, I'm down to hear them!
ALL of these are double friendly!
I can roleplay here or Discord, and Pm is the best way to get a hold of me!

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persistently inconsistent, probably a cryptid
hi!! would you be interested in a canon x canon (richie x eddie) it rp? i have a couple of ideas for it if you're interested

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