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Realistic or Modern Long-Term 1x1 Partner Search ✭ Do we vibe?

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all is forgiven, baby!
About me: I'm a 25 year old transmasculine nonbinary dude who lives on the U.S. East Coast. I draw, game, read comics, and have a sizable CD collection as well as two cats.

As a RP Partner: I love developing characters and plotting together. I love sending my partners memes and videos that remind me of our characters, or chatting them when I spot characters that remind me of ours in a TV show or book. I'm also kind of an artist and you can absolutely expect doodles of our characters! I'm super chill with regard to paragraph length and expect it to fluctuate based on context. If we're firing dialogue back and forth there's no need for you to write three paragraphs! I also love sending my partners drabbles that get into my characters' heads (and pictures of my cats). I'm very very relaxed with response times on serious threads and I'm definitely not someone who will be angry with you for ghosting. Crap happens.

What I'm looking for in a partner: Please be 21+! I like to get a little edgy with plots and while I don't RP smut and am not soliciting it and expect us to fade to black, I operate under the mindset that our characters are adults who do adult things offscreen and I'm just fundamentally not interested in writing that kind of character with anyone under 21, no exceptions. I'm looking for someone who's enthusiastic and committed to growing our characters, but also understands that we're both adults with lives and things sometimes come up. Light casual chatting/plotting on Discord or PM in between Real Serious Responses is the kind of vibe I'm looking for to keep excitement up! and give me something to think about to stave off boredom at work... I love people who can joke around and make fun of our characters a bit.

Nothing fancy: I'm not looking for character sheets or elaborate icons and post formatting, though reference pictures definitely help (and I'm happy to provide some as well). I'm hoping for the kind of relationship where we get to know each other's characters together and they eventually feel more like "ours" than "mine and yours".

Triggers: I don't have any. I think that consent is really important and I'd be happy to work around any squicks or discomforts you have! A brief list of media I like, to give you a better understanding of the level of content I'm comfortable with and the max level of Edge I usually reach in my writing: Doom Patrol, The Witcher, Shameless, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bonding, Invincible, The Boys, Mass Effect, Schitt's Creek

Character stuff:
  • I prefer to write male characters. There's probably a little wish fulfillment there, shhh... I'm willing to explore writing female characters and I'm more than comfortable with MxM, MxF, and FxF. I'd like any potential partner to be comfortable with LGBTQ themes.
  • My characters are almost always 25+ and always 18+ (unless necessary for the plot, like if we're doing a plot with a single father of course I'm willing to write his kid as a side character).
  • I like to double and triple up with partners. If you love the idea of creating a little cast of 6ish interesting people (edit: 6 between us, so 3 and 3) with diverse personalities and a fun bantery rapport, I'm absolutely your guy.
Setting stuff:
  • I love writing in realistic settings. I love small towns and seedy motels and bars and characters who are trying to make it. The setting of Schitt's Creek is a really good example of the kind of place I like to write within.
  • If we're going to add fantasy elements, I like to ground them in a realistic setting and focus on how they interact within the world for "realistic" drama - how would a werewolf keep a job if they're shifting at every full moon and at the smell of raw meat? What if that werewolf has to take care of kids? Oh no!
  • I love sticking our characters in AUs based on canons we both like, but I definitely want to create a setting together that we're both excited about.
Plot stuff:
  • I love slow-burn, natural romance, the kind where it takes the characters a long time to realize that they're catching feelings. Here are some quick examples of the kind of pairing I like, but this isn't the only thing we can do by any means:
    • Craigslist roommates who start off hating each other but can't afford to live anywhere else, and slowly realize they don't want to.
    • Angy jerk who tries to shut everyone out, and the aggressively friendly partner who keeps trying to get under their skin. Jerk can't get away - maybe they're coworkers, or one's the other one's nurse or tutor. Definitely some not-so-friendly banter that evolves into "we love each other but we're doing a bit because that's how we're comfortable interacting" yknow?
    • Characters who were friends in high school, had a big falling out, moved away from the small town they swore they'd never return to... and now they're both back and have to untangle all the complex feelings about how their friendship ended and how they both believe they screwed up their lives... and then they date?
    • Soldier comes home, incredibly jaded from their experiences, but gets fawned all over and treated as the hometown hero anyway, falling for the one person who actually cares how they're doing.
    • Someone from town makes it big in music or acting... then falls from grace and returns home in disgrace. Ends up dating someone who never left.
    • Friends who spend their time emotionally supporting and setting up their other friends. They commiserate over coffee and then suddenly they're buying each other Christmas presents and-- wait, are we dating?
    • The character dynamics in Shameless are 100% my thing
  • I really like exploring mental illness, addiction, and disability. I generally try to play this sort of thing as just one facet of a character and part of what makes them interesting, and I do as much research as I can when it comes to things I don't experience. If you like writing pretty angsty characters with some baggage to overcome with the help of a partner and some friends, you're in the right place.
    • Note - this also includes toxic masculinity. I like writing characters who were damaged by someone telling them what a man should be and overcoming that - but might express some toxic stuff in the process of growing, in case you're not comfortable with that!
  • THE HOLY TRIFECTA: A little angst, a little fluff, a little humor. Angst makes the fluff so much sweeter and fluff makes the angst hurt so much worse. I don't want nothing bad to happen to our characters, but I don't want only bad things to happen to our characters.
I feel like I wrote a lot but left it so open ended! My goal here isn't to tell you what I want to the letter, but to find the right kind of partner to get lost in some stories with, so if you vibe with this, I'm sure we can come up with something we'll both be stoked about writing together. Definitely reply or PM if you're interested, and thanks for reading!
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☽ ℕ𝕠𝕔𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕟𝕒𝕝 ☾
I'd love to chat and see if we vibe! If you're still looking feel free to shoot me a message, I can even send you my own search thread so you can see if we'd mesh well together!


all is forgiven, baby!
I'd love to chat and see if we vibe! If you're still looking feel free to shoot me a message, I can even send you my own search thread so you can see if we'd mesh well together!
Dude I was literally just reading yours! I'm super interested in RP with you! I'm about to start work so replies will be a lil slow but I'll shoot you a DM :bishiesparklesl:

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