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Futuristic Lonely Gods | Lore Page



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Important! Please read: here's a list of content warnings for each section. Please note that not all content mentioned is yet included and not all content that will be created is included in the content warnings yet. If the list is updated with any triggering content, a new update will mention it. If any tws are missing, please let me know.

This page is far from finished.

All content is nonsexual. None of it is intended to be glorified.

Introduction: Minor injury mention, amnesia

World Classifications: Minor violence, death, slavery/indentured servitude, implied slavery, implied violence, capital punishment.

Technology: Body horror, body modification mention, injury mention, some adult themes, entomophobia, insect consumption, cannibalism mention.

Terminology/Slang: Body modification mention, slurs (fabricated, not real), violence mention, cannibalism mention.

  • Welcome to the Modern Living Encyclopedia, brought to you by:

    Fighting for a Better Tomorrow

    If you are reading this, you have likely experienced an event resulting in short-term or complete amnesia, or you are new to the Homeworlds and would like to brush up on the modern Terran/Martian lifestyle. Don't worry, this guide was designed by the wonderful developers at ArES to give you the fastest possible education on modern living that you need to get started on the Homeworlds. This encyclopedia will cover a variety of topics, including the miracles of modern medicines that you may see during your time on the Homeworlds, common terminology and slang terms, foods, machines, and other such things that you may find yourself interacting with.

    Feel free to read each tab at your own pace, and have a grand time on the Homeworlds!

    Disclaimer: ArES CO and its respective child organizations are not responsible for any confusion regarding the information provided in this tablet. The 2129 Free Writing Act prevents any legal action regarding misinformation originating from out-of-date sources. Users are responsible for returning this information media, regardless of device, to the nearest ArES, Sabre Tech, TerraSpace Enterprises, or Rising Sun Industries information center within 290 days of approved rent. Failure to return this tablet within the legally indicated time may result in criminal status as well as work relocation for up to three months and two weeks for each additional day after the rental period has expired, under the discretion of the Union representative from which this tablet was rented. Out of character, this disclaimer was written as an immersive joke. If you actually read this far into it, I have to say that I'm very impressed with your attention to detail in an optional lore page, and I want to thank you personally for taking the time to read and interact with my work. Have fun reading, and feel free to ask any questions about Lonely Gods if you have them.
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I want to clarify that you should only read pages you're interested in, and it's not required to read every page. A lot of it is just there because I get carried away when writing these.

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