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Fandom London Academy for Student Heroes (MHA RP)

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Live Life, Love and Survive
Monday. Early September. The dim yellow sun began to float effortlessly into the sky, shinning it's autumn rays of light across the city of London. Despite only being 7:30, the roads were already jammed with cars trying to force their way through the ocean of traffic. Horns and humans alike roared in the blue and grey sky. Many small flocks of pigeons flew above the road rage, seemingly in their own world. One small pigeon in particular perched atop Tower Bridge, looking over the land below, it's head cocking to the left before a sudden explosion caused the cables holding the birdge up to tear and flail about. Cars and rubble were thrown into the River Thames. The shouting shifted from that of anger and impatients to pain and fear.

In the epicenter of the carnage, amidst the smoke, dust and sparks, stood a group of three villains. At the back of the pack stood the tallest. His arms were folded across his ape-like chest, which had multiple small pink scars sprinkled down each peck like a waterfall of sorts. His long, thick, black hair was ridden with knots and dead ends. Despite this, it was neatly tied in a pony tail that fell over his right shoulder. The villain had putrid yellow pupils, his nose crooked and greasey. As he watched the destruction unfold, a smirk crept across his lips, revealing two rows of knives he called teeth. The villain's ears pricked, looking down at the two in front of him. With a nod, he seemingly vanished, leaving the two smaller people, a male and a female, in the middle of the rampage.

The girl began to walk forward, twirling, spinning, jumping and dancing as if the chaos was music to her ears. "London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down...." She sang. Despite the soft and rather sweet tone to the girls singing, the look of joy upon her face contorted the nursery rhyme into the stuff of nightmares. "London Bridge is falling down-" The girl raised her hands into the air slowly, closing her eyes while she continued to dance in her own world. "My..." The villainess let out a child-like giggle and then ran her tongue across the bottom of her plump red lips. A faint lilac glow began to rise up her body, her muscles twitching and struggling not to spasm as she became engulfed within her purple power. "FAAAAAAAIIIIRRRRR-" Everyone's screaming came to a halt as they stopped to look at the girl, confused. However, the energy continued to build. The bridge beneath her feet began to crack as small pieces of stone and debris levitated with the force.

"I'll snap you back after you're done here." Said the last of the group, who was simply standing by, watching. His eyes and nose were covered by a black, purple and green mask. He had spiked blonde hair that drooped towards the left and had black dyed tips. Before he could say anything else, much like the first villain, he suddenly vanished, almost as if he was jerked back and pulled into a different dimension.

The woman nodded, taking a deep breath. "Lady." Suddenly, she snapped her fingers, and for the first time in England's history, an organised super terrorist attack shook the nation.


"It has been three years to the day since the infamous Tower Bridge Super Terrorist attack and I still struggle to say that we have returned to any sense of normality. The number of lives lost that day exceed 500, with the number of injured almost double that. And yet, despite such a tragic loss of lives, the culriprits are no where to be found. They escaped before the police could aprehend them, leaving the nation to wonder, just who were those three? Hopefully, with the openning of our first hero school, we can avoid falling into another similar situation. Here comes one of the newly enrolled students. Excuse me..." The reported, dressed in a black suit with a light blue tie and white shirt gestured for the camera man to follow him, before shoving a mic in front of the student. He knew it was a good idea to wait outside the school before it was even built, now he'd have the best scoop! "Excuse me, how does it feel to be part of our first wave of heroes?"
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Abigail "Abby" Sciuto
The journey to the school itself had been quite the long one, a bus ride, ferry, train, and finally, another bus and finally, a long walk had left Abigail somewhat relieved to finally have the school insight, though also perhaps also slightly testy. While it would certainly have been quicker to simply fly into the airport, she had little faith the more delicate items in the luggage she brought would have not have survived the assault of the minimum wage baggage handlers. Still, she was here now at the overly expensive and pristine-looking campus that made her wonder how much was just for show, though speaking of shows it appeared that the first day had naturally attracted media attention. She had planned to simply walk past them but the microphone shoved into her face had that hope dashed, resulting in them instead of turning only their head slowly to the woman and giving her a long stare with their black-filled eyes. After several moments of prolonged silence, Abigail would finally take a slow breath before speaking.

"Are you omitting other professions outside of the school under the descriptor "first wave"?"


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Irving Vanheyn / Zhang Xii
Mentioned: PlusUltra PlusUltra
Note: Their inner thoughts are shown using italic. Irving's thoughts are orange, while Zhang's are white

The boy turned left and right during his sleep. It was hard to describe exactly what he was dreaming about, but it certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience for him. Cold sweat formed on his forehead, slowly dripping to the sides and hitting his pillow. Suddenly, a sharp, acute sound pierces his ears without mercy.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! - That incessant noise didn’t stop, not even for a moment. His right hand wandered in the darkness, almost as if blind, hitting quite a few things on the way until it finally reached his cellphone. After he turned off the alarm, he let out a sigh of relief. Hahahaha! That really scared you, didn’t it? - said the raspy, upbeat voice inside his head - Stop being lazy and get up! It is our first day at the school, isn’t it? We better give a good first impression!

The boy sat on his bed and rubbed his eyes. He slowly got used to the darkness of the room, being able to see his room in greater detail - I-I am going as fast as I can! N-no need to rush me! - he answered back. The real reason he was taking his time was the anxiety that he was feeling at that moment and both the boy and the old man knew it. After a few moments, Irving finally mustered his strength and got up from the bed, stumbling towards the bathroom. There he took a long, hot shower. That alone made all the sluggishness he was feeling leave his body, feeling reinvigorated as he went back to his bedroom and dried himself. He turned on the light and looking around his room, he quickly found the clothes he had picked for his first day at school on his desk.

He started to get dressed, trying to contain his feelings. His excitement quickly grew, outpassing his anxiety in just a few moments. As he finished dressing, putting on his simple black suit and his glasses, he took a moment to look himself in the mirror. He fixed his clothing as best as he could, combing his hair sideways - Ohhhh, look at that! Aren’t you quite the lady killer? I bet you are going to be pretty popular! Hahahahaha! - That comment and the cackling at the end made Irving’s face get flushed entirely - D…. do you think so? W-wait, you are just messing with me, a-aren’t you?! - Irving questions Zhang, but gets no response back.

After giving another long sigh, being a bit annoyed by his partner teasing, he grabs the duffle bag that is in front of his bed, on the ground. He had already prepared all the belongings he was going to take with him beforehand. Wearing the bag by its shoulder strap, he gets his cellphone from the nightstand before leaving his bedroom. At the front door, his parents waited for him to say their goodbyes. While they were very worried about Zhang’s behavior, and how much trouble he was going to put their son in, up to that moment he had shown to be a trustworthy ‘guardian’, so to speak.

Opening the front door, the taxi was already there, waiting for him. He walked to it, getting inside and telling the driver his destination. During the trip, he kept looking out through the window. His mind raced with a myriad of thoughts. He barely could contain his excitement, thinking about what his future in that hero school would be.

As the taxi stopped in front of the school, he opened the door and got out, putting the duffle bag again on his shoulder, carrying it by its shoulder strap. He saw a reporter just in front of the school trying to get a scoop of the new arrivals. He took notice of a girl, stopping to talk to him, noticing her fully black eyes. He got a bit surprised, taking a moment to look at her, even taking off his glasses, cleaning them using his shirt and putting it back on.


The Charming Llama
Richard hadn't slept much last night, far too nervous about the day to come. His first day attending hero school. He still couldn't believe it was real. Growing up, people had always kept their distance and considered his quirk....villainous. After all, his quirk had turned him in a creature that you heard about in ancient Gothic mythology. But despite that, he was still being given the chance to prove that he was more than his appearance; and part of him was happy for that. But another part was still worried that this was some cruel joke.

After getting ready, Richard fed his two cats and said goodbye to his parents. They would have driven him, but his quirk made him far too heavy to travel anywhere by standard car; so he just walked. He arrived relatively early to the school grounds, noticing a reporter talking to someone who was undoubtedly another class member. Richard wasn't the kind to talk publicly; to a reporter for instance. So he tried to just sneak past them. But a 6ft mass of stone muscle was kinda hard to miss.


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__leech_queen_original_drawn_by_matilda_fiship__4fb5a04849400b74af6e47e23808c11e.jpgMillie Williams
Location: Academy Entrance
Interaction/Mention: PlusUltra PlusUltra (Dark Eyed Girl) Vsland Vsland (Reporter) Maxxob Maxxob (Glasses Boy) DapperCharmer2.0 DapperCharmer2.0 (Odd stone wall)

Sometimes when you walk down a road you've passed a thousand times, the road starts to pass you...

Its subtle at first, so much so that any guy or gal could be forgiven for letting it happen.

But then something changes for them, something that changes so fast and spectacularly, that their perception gets all twisted up.

And then they realize that road hasn't looked the same in years.

That was the reality for a particular dame named Millie, standing on the precipice of a new chapter in her life she'd been fighting for. Before her rose a young establishment with big ideas coursing through its very veins, a hope for protectors of a different breed. Not your stock and standard officer fulfilling his duties to society, nor even the many caped vigilantes fighting where the law couldn't easily tread.

No, this place wanted to go big leagues, make heroes just a little more mainstream for the masses.

At least, that's the way that hopeful leech girl saw it as she gazed upon its exterior. She would be one of the first students to be taken into this establishment, better known to many as London's first Hero school. The London Academy for Student Heroes would be their counter to a tragedy that occurred years ago. While some would consider the range of time a sign of a belated reaction, Millie was inclined to believe they were doing everything to get it up to snuff for its intended purpose.

They'd see who was right soon enough.

The amalgamation of interlocking leeches which made up her hair twisted and coiled together, settling down only when she finished her admiration of the structure.

There weren't any others in London to compare it to, seeing as it was the first of its kind. Compared to the busier parts of the city the structure wouldn't stand out amongst the monoliths of metal and glass, but the Academy had quite some area gifted to it. Despite that, there was only one main entrance. That was where most students were filing into, and where Millie made her way whilst keeping an eye on her potential classmates.

Each of them could be fighting crime alongside her by the time their school days were done, they'd no doubt be working together to get through whatever kind of training programs they had in place. Keeping tabs on abilities would go far for getting through that.

So she eyed people, trying to get even a smidge of information from appearance alone. She didn't want to be late, so anything deeper than that would have to wait. On her way towards the main entrance, however, she spotted someone who wasn't one of the students. The camera crew following him around didn't exactly label him as one of the teachers either, though Millie could humorously ponder whether a peculiar quirk could necessitate such a thing.

No, the way he stopped a rather dark-eyed girl and held out a microphone to question her labeled him quite clearly as a member of the press. Not the only member of media who was also bearing witness to the academy's first day, but definitely the first to start asking the incoming students about their feelings on the matter. Millie suspected others would follow suit soon, but decided to focus on the conversation as soon as Mrs. Dark eyes gave her response.

It prompted Millie to chuckle, stepping past a boy with glasses who was watching the scene so she could approach.

"Funny as the Mister's misspeaking might be, I'm thinking having some fun with the question would be even better, sister." she noted before leaning against an oddly placed wall of stone "Thinking we'd even be comparable to the first heroes we got running around out there? I'm thinkin' sooner or later, but am downright dying to know how my fellow hopefuls are seeing it."

Her question wasn't just for the dark eyed girl or even the Reporter, she'd raised her voice whilst glancing to the other students passing by. She glanced around at them with humored curiosity, further reclining against the oddly placed piece of wall, unaware of the unfortunate rock boy she'd mistaken as one.


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Irving Vanheyn / Zhang Xii


Mentions: PlusUltra PlusUltra DapperCharmer2.0 DapperCharmer2.0 GrieveWriter GrieveWriter
As Irving was still watching the dark-eyed girl's interaction with the reporter, he saw another peculiar student trying to pass through the gates. It was basically a walking statue… or better said, gargoyle. He watched him in a bit of amazement, as Irving hadn’t been in contact with people with quirks that changed their appearance that much.

Ohhh… I’m pretty sure he is strong as a boulder. I can only imagine how much we could improve sparring with him… - those were Zhang’s first thoughts - W-what?!?!?! We d-didn’t even start the year a-and you already want to make rivals?!?! - Irving rethorted. For the boy, that would be a very poor course of action - Rivals? Hahahahaha, that is not it, boyo. Much on the contrary, the bond between sparring partners can be immeasurable. Something you should keep in mind - the old man concluded what he meant by his comment.

Another moment passes by and another student passes him, this time going directly to the reporter, rather than avoiding them. He paid attention to her appearance, blinking a few times to try to be sure exactly what those appendages were - Mmmm… I wonder…. - the old man appeared to contemplate the student, but made no further comment. Well, that was until she tried to ‘test the waters’, asking for her fellow student’s opinions - Irving, this is your chance to get the media’s attention. That is paramount for heroes and even more so to those that are starting to walk their first steps into this… line of work - Zhang said, in an unusually serious tone.

Such an idea had crossed his mind, but Irving was not one to just give interviews to reporters. Or, at least, not when he is that anxious about his first day at a hero training course - But… how? What should I say? - The boy questioned, taking a deep breath afterwards - Don’t worry, just follow my lead - the old man sounded as if he was beaming with confidence. Irving re-adjusted his duffle bag on his shoulder, walking towards the reporter, making sure he was close enough for the mic to pick up what he was going to say. Zhang shared his thoughts and Irving spoke them, almost as if he was a puppet.

“While we do owe a lot to the heroes that came before us, we must remember that they didn’t have the proper training we will receive. As such, it is our duty to surpass them… so something like the Tower Bridge incident never repeats itself.” - Irving managed to deliver the speech Zhang thought on the fly with confidence, as if he himself had thought of it. While he delivered it, he was looking directly at the amalgamation girl, waiting only for a moment after he finished it to walk through the gates.

HAHAHAHAHA! You keep doing speeches like that and you will do fine, kid! - Zhang said, in his boisterous manner. Even though he followed the old man’s commands to a “t”, he wondered if his partner's objective was really only to get attention to himself or if there was something else he didn’t notice.


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Abigail "Abby" Sciuto
The dark-eyed girl remains perfectly still with the exception of her eyes that slowly travel to each of the new speakers, given their own responses it was clear they missed Abbys point entirely with her counter-question. Their perspective was far too narrow and spoke of how focused they were on the aggrandized vision of the term hero instead of what was at the core essence of heroic qualities. After all, while many could dilute the term by using it too freely, the issue now appeared to be defining it too narrowly instead. Taking a slow breath she goes to speak once again to clarify.

"Both of these statements seem to have either missed the error in the phrasing of the question or speaks to a greater problem overall in regards to the ego and self-image. The definition of a hero has been around long before the emergence of quirks. and the qualities required have little to do with an education or power." She pauses once more for another slow breath "I will not belittle the other professions dedications and sacrifices by claiming to be aiming to be greater than another, I only aim to be greater than myself".

No sooner had her words finished, than she had already turned to walk further towards the gate and towards the school building itself. The reporter was likely going to have plenty more unwitting students for more appealing soundbites if that's what they wanted, she however wasn't here to peacock in front of the media.

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