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Realistic or Modern Lockdown - Inspired by the Black Mesa Incident

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Horror, Mystery


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Welcome to Praxis Research Incorporated! We are excited about you joining our family of hard-working employees in our variety of fields, whether it is from our diligent maintenance personnel who keep our day to day operations running smoothly or our research team who put their brain power into developing new things for the modern world. If you have not done so already, please visit our application page so we can easily iron out the details of your employment and get you started right away! Whether you're a long time employee, or just starting your career with us, we would like everyone to participate in orientation as either a starting point or as a refresher on your memory about who we are and what we do.
In a seemingly ordinary day like any other, disaster is about to strike the Praxis Research Facility, a joint government-private venture in development of new technologies and ideas for the United States. You are someone who is unfortunate enough to be caught within the facility on that day, whether you're a longtime employee, new arrival, or just a visitor. In any case, your objective is simply to survive the ordeal and escape with your life if possible. Although such a thing is easier said than done in this case, and there will be many obstacles in your path seeking to end you.

If you are interested, the character sheet thread is located here: Realistic or Modern - Lockdown - Character Sheets
The easiest way to contact me with questions would be through RPN DMs or through Discord. Feel free to reach out!

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