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Other Lives I want to be reincarnated on.


Never try. Never fail.
A raccoon.

I just want to be a raccoon or a rat and explore my city's alleyways, looking for heaping piles of garbage for food. Rain starts pouring and I rush to a nearby bus stop to enjoy my almost expired hot-dogs and cheese in the comfort of a dry place. As the rain subsides, music starts filling my head. Zoning out the sound of people and traffic as I jump and hop from puddle to puddle. And as the day ends, I walk back to our local park with my best friend pigeon as we talk about our day. When I am finally on my cardboard box that's strategically hidden behind some bushes, I wave goodbye to pigeon and got ready to sleep. Taking a quick shower at the fountains making sure to dry myself and finally, I lay down and dream of lasagna and eggplants.

(EDIT: My ex best friend pigeon told the park rangers where my house is and now I am on the run and can never return again. )
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Never try. Never fail.
A medieval magic man but is now a modern magic man because he is a loner

I want to live in a cozy cottage that I built myself that's on a tall ass motherfucking mountain and be known as the magic-man-hermit-loner-man where I can train my magiks undisturbed during medieval times. I will invent a spell or some kind of potion that'll make me immortal because my of thirst for discovering every known spell and invent new ones. While I am in my little cottage doing my magic stuff with my magic hands, I didn't notice how quickly the time flew by and before I knew it, it's already 2020. So when I am finally satisfied with my magic, I leave my cottage and reintegrate to society. Long story short, everything is a mess. There are new inventions that my magic mind cannot even comprehend. I have a breakdown every minute because millenniums of studying the most sacred and forbidden magic did not prepare me for cellphones, the internet, and modern plumbing. "What do you mean you just 'type' what you want to say and 'hit' send? What kind of sorcery is this?" I ask, "Lol okay boomer." they replied, which added more to my confusion. Looks like I will have to study this "Internet" to understand the world that I am currently in.

(Edit: I will discover "memes" and "create" my "facebook" account with the help of a new friend named Jason, who works part time in an internet cafe.)
(Edit2: While looking through my facebook feed, I encounter posts about people that are sick and are asking for likes to help them, which I think is preposterous. So I start my own business called Magic Jazz Hands that offers free healing that not only heals your body but also your soul with my magic jazz hands.)
(Edit3: First day of business, The police came in and arrested me.)
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